Ariana DeBose Could Barely Keep It Together While Kate McKinnon Sang “West Side Story” Songs On “SNL”

    This episode made me think Ariana should just host the Oscars herself.

    Ariana DeBose hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and proved why she's about to become a huge star.

    Ariana kicked off her monologue by talking about West Side Story and being Afro Latina, before she was joined on stage by Kate for some musical stylings.

    Ariana said that West Side Story is actually based on the classic star-crossed lovers tale called 90 Day Fiance

    They started off by singing "Tonight" from West Side Story, and Ariana sounded like a perfect angel while Kate went for a...different approach.

    Then they moved on to "I Feel Pretty" and Ariana could barely keep it together in the face of Kate's antics.

    Ariana showed off some of killer dance moves for "Mambo" while Kate looked on delightedly, and seriously, she's incredible.

    Kate, for some reason, didn't want to follow that.

    They sang pieces of "Something's Coming" and "America" before wrapping up with a reprise of "Tonight."

    It was an energetic start to the show, which displayed Ariana's many talents throughout the night.

    Ariana as three different characters

    Who knows? Ariana might just be adding an Emmy Award to a shelf along with her Golden Globe (and potential Oscar).

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