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    16 AP Test Jokes You Can Laugh At While Procrastinating

    "Life is pain, and the college board is its conduit."

    It's spring! Which means a lot of things, but chief among them is obviously the fact that AP test season is upon us. And everybody knows that the best way to prepare for a test is to make jokes.


    Whether you are gonna be taking your first AP test soon or you took some a few (or many) years ago, these jokes will get you in the test-taking frame of mind.

    1. This thoughtful translation of what the proctor actually means:

    2. Students everywhere when the test asks something you didn't cover in class:

    Ap bio: Teachers: Be sure to study photosynthesis , neurons, chi squared and apoptosis Test: Why can't we cure cancer ? #apbio #apbioexam

    3. This realistic depiction of the night before the test:

    me trying to fit in 49 crash course episodes before the AP test #APUSH

    4. Neither type of question is great, but multiple choice at least offers a chance of survival:

    5. If anyone tells you this didn't happen to them, they are LYING:

    #APUSH Exam: “You have 60 minutes to complete the DBQ Section.” My Mind during the first 20 Minutes:

    6. A reminder not to waste your time on things like crying instead of studying:

    Bitches Be Crying Themselves To Sleep Instead Of Doing Apush Notes... You Worried About The Wrong Great Depression!

    7. This may as well be a photograph of what many of us look like on test day:

    reading the first question on the AP test like

    Twitter: @CollegeGirIProb

    8. Unfortunately, there's one holiday that seems to suffer the most because of AP tests:

    9. Not being able to solve this equation won't stop it from being true:

    10. Quintessential expectation vs. reality right here:

    Update: This AP Lit test made me its bitch.

    11. This tweet was written before 2020 even started and could not have been more accurate:

    College Board rewriting the AP GOV test for 2020

    12. Sometimes the test just doesn't go well:

    the AP graders reading my written responses like #APUSH

    13. And your grade may not be as high as you'd like:

    College board grading my ap test after Friday #APUSH

    14. These tests are clearly not designed for our enjoyment:

    15. Here's a reminder that doing your best is what really matters:

    16. And finally, a reminder that you can always soften the blow:

    And if you're underage, soften the blow with chocolate or pizza instead.

    Of course the most important thing to always remember is that test scores are not a measure of intelligence, so don't sweat it too much!

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