Last Night's "SNL" Was Packed With Celeb Cameos, Including Oscar Isaac And Emily Ratajkowski

    I could watch "What Up With That" 1 million more times and still not be tired of it.

    Jason Sudeikis hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and it went about as well as expected...which is to say, he crushed it.

    As is usually the case when former cast members return to host, Jason brought back some of his most popular SNL characters, including 2013-era Joe Biden and the devil.

    Jason as Biden and the devil

    But the absolute crown jewel of throwbacks came near the end of the show with the revival of "What Up With That," the musical talk show sketch starring Kenan Thompson as Diondre Cole.

    As always, Jason played Vance the tracksuit-wearing backup dancer, and Fred Armisen (!!) played Giuseppe the saxophone player.

    Fred, Kenan, and Jason

    They were joined by special guests Oscar Isaac and Emily Ratajkowski, both in costume because it was the Halloween episode.

    Oscar wearing a pirate hat and Emily in a cat-ears costume

    However — unlike every single other time we've seen this sketch — Lindsey Buckingham (played by Bill Hader) wasn't there! But we did get Nicholas Braun, even though Diondre was convinced that it was actually Lindsey in a Cousin Greg costume.

    Diondre started interviewing Oscar about his new projects but quickly interrupted him to sing the show's theme song again...

    Oscar and Kenan

    ...which he continued doing, introducing more nonsensical musical guests each time, with the scene eventually descending into chaos.

    Before long, they were out of time, with Diondre having once again ignored his guests.

    Diondre signed off by telling Vance to take care of his knees and encouraging the audience to watch Ted Lasso.

    Jason swigging from a bottle and holding a cigarette

    You can watch the whole joyous, inexplicable sketch right here:

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