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    Here's Where You Can Follow The "House Of The Dragon" Cast On Instagram

    "And now my watch begins." —Me, scrolling through Instagram for Season 2 crumbs

    House of the Dragon Season 2 might be a long way away, but that shouldn't stop you from keeping up with the cast. Here are all their Instagrams!

    1. Emma D'arcy (Rhaenyra Targaryen)

    2. Olivia Cooke (Alicent Hightower)

    3. Steve Toussaint (Corlys Velaryon)

    4. Fabien Frankel (Criston Cole)

    5. Graham McTavish (Harrold Westerling)

    6. Tom Glynn-Carney (Aegon II Targaryen)

    7. Harry Collett (Jacaerys Velaryon)

    8. Phia Saban (Helaena Targaryen)

    9. Elliot Grihault (Lucerys Velaryon)

    10. Bethany Antonia (Baela Targaryen)

    11. Elliott Tittensor (Erryk Cargyll)

    12. Luke Tittensor (Arryk Cargyll)

    The following cast members aren't on the show anymore because their characters either a) died, b) aged during a time jump, or c) got the heck out of Westeros via rowboat:

    13. Paddy Considine (Viserys Targaryen)

    14. Gavin Spokes (Lionel Strong)

    15. Ryan Corr (Harwin Strong)

    16. Nanna Blondell (Laena Velaryon)

    17. Milly Alcock (Young Rhaenyra)

    18. Emily Carey (Young Alicent)

    19. Leo Ashton (Young Aemond)

    20. Ty Tennant (Young Aegon)

    21. Eva Ossei Gerning (Young Rhaena)

    22. Shani Smethurst (Young Baela)

    23. Evie Allen (Young Helaena)

    24. And finally, John Macmillan (Laenor Velaryon)