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    23 "Gossip Girl" Moments That Are Absolutely Preposterous

    You know you loved it, but this show was full of nonsense.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the absolute wildest things that happened on Gossip Girl. You know there were plenty of moments to choose from, so here are the best ones:

    🚨🚨SPOILERS AHEAD, you've been warned. 🚨🚨

    1. When Olivia (Hilary Duff) had a threesome with her then-boyfriend Dan and his best friend Vanessa, who clearly had feelings for him.

    Remember when Hilary Duff had a threesome with Dan and Vanessa in Gossip Girl

    "This threesome was so weird."


    2. When Georgina was somehow able to attend NYU, even though we don't know if she even attended high school.

    The CW

    "When did she ever go to school?"


    3. When Blair had a miscarriage and none of her friends or family acted like it was a big deal.

    The CW

    "They talked about it for one episode, and then it was like it never happened."


    4. When every single time a huge blast was sent out from Gossip Girl, every character was available to read it immediately.

    The CW

    "Every time Gossip Girl sent out a blast, they would immediately check their phones. Even in the middle of a wedding ceremony and during graduation, when the notification goes off, every single person checked it straight away. Could they not wait a few seconds??"


    5. When Serena got a great job by bumping into someone on the street.

    The CW

    "Serena randomly bumped into a film director and mentioned she’d read and enjoyed the book he was turning into a film, so he offered her a position working on set immediately. No interview, CV check, references, or anything."


    6. When Nate and Dan had unreasonably successful careers before the age of 21.

    The CW

    "Nate became editor-in-chief of a newspaper with no credentials and Dan had an article published in The New Yorker before graduating high school."

    Hannah Marder

    7. When Lily forged Serena's signature on an affidavit falsely accusing her teacher Ben of statutory rape in order for Serena to get into private school...

    The CW

    8. ...and then when Serena and Ben started dating after he spent years in prison vowing revenge against her.

    The CW

    9. When Bart "died" and then returned, but was hiding in the home of a woman who pretended to be Chuck's mom.

    The CW

    "Bart was actually alive the entire time and was hiding out with the woman who was sleeping with Nate and claiming to be Chuck's mother. AND she was involved in a sex club operation."


    10. When Nate's father let Nate take the fall for his hidden cocaine stash.

    The CW

    11. When Chuck became the owner of a gentleman's club at age 16.

    The CW

    "I know he’s rich and all, but come on."


    12. When the characters all...forgot they were in college?

    The CW

    "After Season 4, the show stopped mentioning Columbia and NYU altogether. Did they all drop out after two years?"


    13. Any time that Blair and Serena claimed to be best friends when all they ever did was backstab and betray one another.

    The CW

    "Like when Blair told a college scout that Serena had murdered someone and Serena made a sex tape with Dan as revenge porn against Blair."


    14. When Serena's aunt hired an actor to play her cousin Charlie, and then fake Charlie (really Ivy) ended up dating both of Serena's mom's ex-husbands later on.

    The CW

    "Honestly, the whole Ivy/Charlie storyline was wild from start to finish. IDK how Rufus and William were okay having relations with Ivy, especially since their first impression of her was that was she was a 19-year-old girl."


    15. When Lily and Rufus had a child together who disappeared the moment they found out about him.

    The CW

    16. When Serena ended up marrying Dan, after he stalked her for years and dated her best friend for a bit.

    The CW

    "She married him after everything he put her through?? And their wedding was in Chuck and Blair's apartment???"


    17. When Chuck and Nate took the NYC bus to school in the first episode.

    The CW

    "There’s no way they would be using the same form of transportation as Dan. Chuck has a limo and regularly uses it!"


    18. When Chuck became a romantic lead after his gross behavior at the start of the series, including attempting to rape Serena and Jenny.

    The CW

    19. Any time that the Constance girls completely customized their uniforms.

    The CW

    I don't care where you go to school, this is just not how uniforms work!

    20. When the cast members were CLEARLY older than the characters they were playing.

    The CW

    "They all looked like 30-year-olds when they were supposed to be high schoolers."


    21. When Chuck told his uncle he would let him have sex with Blair in exchange for his hotel.

    The CW

    22. When Nate constantly slept with much-older, married Duchess Catherine in order to solve his family's money problems.

    The CW

    23. And of course, when Dan ended up being Gossip Girl.

    The CW

    "Dan being Gossip Girl was pretty weird."


    "Ummmm Dan being Gossip Girl, of course. It made just about zero sense."


    "Dan being Gossip Girl is the most unrealistic part of the whole damn show."


    "Dan Humphrey being Gossip Girl was hands down the most absurd thing I've ever seen."


    Did we forget any more outrageous moments from this truly outrageous show? Let us know in the comments!

    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

    Not all submissions are from Community users.