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    14 Future MCU Storylines Set Up By "The Falcon And The Winter Soldier" Finale

    This ending easily set up another Captain America movie.

    The season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier just dropped on Disney+, and I am already anxious for more.

    Graphic letting you know there are spoilers beyond this point

    This post contains spoilers for Episode 6 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so if you're not interested in that or haven't seen the episode yet, stop reading right now!

    And really, there's no way that we wouldn't get more, right? RIGHT?! We even got a new potential title!

    The title card, which says "Captain America and the Winter Soldier"

    I cannot tell you how loudly I yelped when I saw that title card. I could cry!

    Lo and behold, the good folks at Marvel and Disney clearly read my mind, because they JUST ANNOUNCED that a fourth Captain America movie is in the works.

    Bucky with the caption, "anyone who has to hear me talk about it for the next month" and a smiling Captain America (Sam) with the caption "me, elated about this news"

    And it's being written by FATWS showrunner Malcolm Spellman. No cast has officially been announced, but I think we can safely assume Sam Wilson will be back, and hopefully Bucky Barnes will be as well.

    Unlike WandaVision, which told a self-contained story that didn't leave many loose ends, FATWS widened the scope of the MCU even further into a post-Endgame reality.


    WandaVision set up a few more storylines, but it was mostly the story of Wanda's grief and acceptance of Vision's death. Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced TONS of new characters who are important in the comics, and actively hinted that they have a bigger role to play in the larger MCU narrative.

    Here are all of the future storylines set up by the finale, aka a bunch of reasons that we need to see more of Captain America and the Winter Soldier:


    Have another spoiler warning, in case ya missed the first one.

    1. Sam's tenure as Captain America, which we only just got a glimpse of in the finale.

    Mackie as Captain America

    First of all, let's give it up for SAM'S WAKANDAN CAPTAIN AMERICA SUIT. Seeing him incorporate the shield into his own winged fighting style was awesome, and it would be a crime not to see more of it. Anthony Mackie's portrayal of the character is completely different from Chris Evans', but so, so good. I thought Sam's speech to the GRC highlighted all the ways in which he and Steve are similar, while also pointing out the significance of a Black man choosing to carry the shield. More, please!!

    2. Bucky's ongoing redemption and his life in the 21st century.

    Bucky looking serious

    Bucky seems to finally have closure regarding his time as the Winter Soldier, and he found himself a new bestie in Sam. I'm not gonna lie, given the bittersweet endings we've come to expect from Marvel, I wasn't sure if Bucky would make it out of this season alive. But he did! And since he's still around, it would be a waste not to have him (and Sebastian Stan!) keep exploring his place as a good guy in the 21st century.

    3. Bucky and Sam's dynamic has endless possibilities.

    Bucky and Sam standing together

    I could watch these two besties all day, truly, and I feel like they're only just starting to get in sync as a crime-fighting duo. We already saw how well their personalities complement each other, but more screen time could see them really combine their different strengths as heroes. Most of all, I just want to see them Frisbee-tossing the shield to each other...and more Anthony Mackie–Sebastian Stan goodness.

    4. John Walker's antihero arc as US Agent.

    John standing next to Contessa Val in his new suit

    Oh, John Walker, I still do not like you. But you did choose to save that truckful of people instead of chasing after Karli, so I guess that means there's some good left in there, despite the glaring character flaws. He was officially dubbed US Agent in this episode, and it's clear that we'll be seeing more of him. He seemed to be on decent terms with Sam and Bucky, but he's aligned himself with Contessa Val, who's pretty clearly a villain.

    5. Contessa Val's plans for US Agent and beyond.

    Contessa Val looking serious

    We got her amazing introduction last week, and this lady clearly has some big plans in motion. She gives John a new US Agent suit, calls Zemo her friend, and implies that she may have had a role in killing the remaining Flag Smashers. Her alias in the comics is Madame Hydra, so she could be planning to rebuild the organization that Bucky hates so much. Anyway, she'll clearly be back, as will the iconic Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

    6. Sharon's role as the Power Broker and newly reinstated Agent Carter.

    Sharon talking on her cellphone

    SHARON! A lot of us had guessed that Sharon might be the Power Broker as early as Episode 4, so that reveal might not have been the most exciting part of the finale, especially after she used mercury vapor (ouch) to melt a guy's face off. What was very exciting was the mid-credits scene, in which Sharon got a full pardon and immediately made a nefarious phone call to an unknown associate: She has no intention of letting go of her criminal enterprise, and will be using her newly reestablished US government connections to further her villainous agenda.

    7. Sam and Sharon's eventual confrontation.

    Bucky, Sharon, and Captain America stand by a car

    Sam, who is literally Captain America, just arranged a pardon for a woman who is running a massive criminal operation. At some point, he and Bucky are going to learn the truth about Sharon, and I don't think they'll be very happy.

    8. The status and public perception of the Avengers and superheroes in general.

    Captain America with the police and members of the public

    This storyline has been teed up by a couple of other MCU projects, so it will be interesting to see if it builds up to anything. FATWS established that a lot of people don't like that the Avengers undid the Blip, and there seems to be a mounting distrust of superpowered individuals in general. Let's recap a few notable incidents:

    • Wanda imprisoned and traumatized an entire town in WandaVision (though it's not clear how many people know about that outside of Westview).

    • John Walker, in his capacity as Captain America, murdered a man in the middle of the street after taking Super Soldier serum.

    • Sam — the new, not government-appointed Captain America — openly criticized the US government and GRC on national television. Sam doesn't have superpowers, but he's one of the most famous Avengers left in action now.

    • At the very end of Spider Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker's secret identity was revealed and he was framed for the drone attack and Beck's death.

    9. The future of the Flag Smashers and the Global Repatriation Council, and any other repercussions the Blip might have had.

    Caption saying "Imprisoned Flag Smashers, just offscreen" and their motto "One world, one people"

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't a Navy officer say, "One world, one people," to the remaining Flag Smashers as they were getting arrested? That implies that there are more of them, right? Karli might be gone (RIP, girl 😭), but that doesn't mean that the group won't rise again if the GRC keeps messing up.

    10. Zemo's influence on future villains, which clearly extends far beyond his prison cell.

    Zemo sitting on his bed in his prison cell reading a book and smiling

    So Zemo is clearly not going to let something as silly as jail stop him from eliminating as many Super Soldiers as possible. He decided not to kill Bucky, but that doesn't mean his vendetta against superheroes is going anywhere. With the help of his elderly butler Oeznik, Zemo seems to have orchestrated the death of the last few super serum–enhanced Flag Smashers via explosion. Daniel Brühl was delightful as Zemo this time around, and it doesn't look like he's quite finished yet.

    11. Eli Bradley's future as Patriot.

    Isaiah and Eli watching Sam as the new Captain America on TV

    This season introduced us to Isaiah and Eli Bradley, and while Isaiah's storyline reached a conclusion on the show, Eli's future is more open-ended. He's clearly very protective of his grandfather, and in the comics, his character becomes the superhero Patriot, a member of the Young Avengers. Eli is one of several Young Avengers we’ve already met. We met Billy and Tommy in WandaVision and Cassie Lang in Ant-Man. And more Young Avengers are on their way! Kate Bishop makes her debut in Hawkeye, while America Chavez will be in Doctor Strange 2.

    12. Joaquin Torres's future as the new Falcon, or at the very least as an ally for Sam's Captain America.

    Torres looking at a computer screen

    This was only lightly teased on the show when Sam told Joaquin to keep his old Falcon wings. But since Sam is Captain America now (I will never get tired of saying that), nobody is currently carrying the Falcon mantle. It's not a stretch to imagine that Torres could do so in the future, especially since that's what happens in the comics.

    13. Whatever the heck happened to Old Steve.

    Old Steve looking up

    I understand that Chris Evans' time in the MCU is over, and I accept that! In fact, I think this show did a great job tying up his and Steve's legacy as Cap...but what happened to Steve after he gave Sam the shield in Endgame?? Sam and Bucky keep saying Steve is "gone." Does that mean Old Man Steve is dead? It would give me peace of mind to have some definitive verbal or visual confirmation.

    14. And finally, the future of the Super Soldier serum.

    Vials of the serum falling to the floor

    I'd be fine with retiring the Super Soldier serum as a plot point in the MCU, but history says we may well see it again. Bucky, Isaiah Bradley, and John Walker are the only three people alive (that we know of) who have taken some version of the serum, and as long as they live, their blood can be used to make more.

    Are there any other future storylines you think the finale set up? What do you think Sam's Captain America movie will be about?

    Title card that says "Captain America and the Winter Soldier"

    One more time, let's just appreciate this title card.