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    14 Future MCU Storylines Set Up By "The Falcon And The Winter Soldier" Finale

    This ending easily set up another Captain America movie.

    The season finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier just dropped on Disney+, and I am already anxious for more.

    Graphic letting you know there are spoilers beyond this point

    And really, there's no way that we wouldn't get more, right? RIGHT?! We even got a new potential title!

    The title card, which says "Captain America and the Winter Soldier"

    Lo and behold, the good folks at Marvel and Disney clearly read my mind, because they JUST ANNOUNCED that a fourth Captain America movie is in the works.

    Bucky with the caption, "anyone who has to hear me talk about it for the next month" and a smiling Captain America (Sam) with the caption "me, elated about this news"

    Unlike WandaVision, which told a self-contained story that didn't leave many loose ends, FATWS widened the scope of the MCU even further into a post-Endgame reality.

    Here are all of the future storylines set up by the finale, aka a bunch of reasons that we need to see more of Captain America and the Winter Soldier:

    1. Sam's tenure as Captain America, which we only just got a glimpse of in the finale.

    Mackie as Captain America

    2. Bucky's ongoing redemption and his life in the 21st century.

    Bucky looking serious

    3. Bucky and Sam's dynamic has endless possibilities.

    Bucky and Sam standing together

    4. John Walker's antihero arc as US Agent.

    John standing next to Contessa Val in his new suit

    5. Contessa Val's plans for US Agent and beyond.

    Contessa Val looking serious

    6. Sharon's role as the Power Broker and newly reinstated Agent Carter.

    Sharon talking on her cellphone

    7. Sam and Sharon's eventual confrontation.

    Bucky, Sharon, and Captain America stand by a car

    8. The status and public perception of the Avengers and superheroes in general.

    Captain America with the police and members of the public

    9. The future of the Flag Smashers and the Global Repatriation Council, and any other repercussions the Blip might have had.

    Caption saying "Imprisoned Flag Smashers, just offscreen" and their motto "One world, one people"

    10. Zemo's influence on future villains, which clearly extends far beyond his prison cell.

    Zemo sitting on his bed in his prison cell reading a book and smiling

    11. Eli Bradley's future as Patriot.

    Isaiah and Eli watching Sam as the new Captain America on TV

    12. Joaquin Torres's future as the new Falcon, or at the very least as an ally for Sam's Captain America.

    Torres looking at a computer screen

    13. Whatever the heck happened to Old Steve.

    Old Steve looking up

    14. And finally, the future of the Super Soldier serum.

    Vials of the serum falling to the floor

    Are there any other future storylines you think the finale set up? What do you think Sam's Captain America movie will be about?

    Title card that says "Captain America and the Winter Soldier"