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15 Dani Rojas Moments From "Ted Lasso" That Prove He's A Sweet Cinnamon Roll

"I like to give away joy for free." — Dani Rojas, human angel

Dani Rojas (played by Cristo Fernandez) blew intoTed Lasso like a "joyous, raven-haired golden retriever." Ted's words, not mine.

Here are some of his most delightful and endearing moments, while we impatiently wait for Ted Lasso Season 3.

1. When he had the most memorable entrance ever and coined his own catchphrase.

Dani introducing himself to the coaches and scoring a goal in practice while shouting, "Football is life!"

2. When he tried to be Jamie's friend even though they were competing for the same spot on the team and Jamie was being the worst.

Dani trying to befriend Jamie with a shooting game and Jamie being unresponsive

3. When he got injured and immediately worried about what his abuela would say.

An injured Dani being escorted out of the locker room while speaking Spanish

4. When he knew you you never show up to a party empty-handed.

Dani telling the team "I brought a bottle of mezcal to throw into the curse fire."

5. When he showed off the versatility of his catchphrase.

Dani somberly telling Ted, "Football is life"

6. When he rejected capitalism.

Keeley says, "The product you'd most like to get into business with I don't know if I can get you paid for that though Dani" Dani responds, "I like to give away joy for free"

7. When he couldn't read the room (or Roy's bad mood).

Dani cheerfully singing and using the treadmill while an upset Roy takes an ice bath deciding if he should retire

8. When he scored a very crucial goal during Richmond's final match, made all the cooler by the fact that Cristo Fernandez performed the stunt himself.

9. When he accidentally killed Earl the Greyhound and felt awful about it.

Dani showering after accidentally killing Earl and saying he's "washing the death off"

10. When he nearly killed Ted the same way.

Dani kicking a penalty that accidentally hits Ted

11. When he went to therapy and made a crucial philosophical discovery.

Dani telling Ted, "Dr. Sharon helped me remember that even though football is life, football is also death, and that football is football too, but mostly that football is life!"

12. When he shared his thoughts on coffee.

Dani tells Keeley he doesn't drink coffee because he mother says he was born caffeinated

13. When he wore dress shoes for the first time to Rebecca's dad's funeral, and got a taste of what it's like to wear high heels.

Dani gingerly getting off the bus with help from Jamie

14. When he participated in crucial team-building activities like learning choreography.

Dani, along with the rest of the team, doing choreography

You should really see this one for yourself:

View this video on YouTube

15. And finally, when he nobly honored the dearly departed Earl.

"RIP EARL" written on Dani's cleats with black marker

What are your favorite Dani Rojas moments? Comment below!

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