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    Here's What The Cast Of "The Good Place" Took From Set After They Wrapped Filming

    I'll be crying for the next thousand Jeremy Bearimys.

    The Good Place ended last night, and just as I was collecting myself from the puddle of tears I had become, the cast revealed what they took from the set. Now I am a puddle again.


    ⏰🔔🚨SPOILERS AHEAD for the series finale of The Good Place. ⏰🔔🚨

    In an interview with E! News, the cast started off by revealing what they would have in their actual Good Place:

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    Ted Danson: "I"m in my Good Place. I'm with somebody I love, I have family and grandkids, I get to work with sweet, talented people."

    Jameela Jamil: "Snacks and orgasms."

    Manny Jacinto: "Regardless of where you are, friends and family."

    D'Arcy Carden: "The Good Place is my Good Place."

    Kristen Bell: "My family, and every corner would be a nook to nap. I love to nap."

    William Jackson Harper: "I would have an abundance of tacos."

    Then they really came for my heart when they talked about what they took from the set.

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    Jameela Jamil kept it simple, saying she took "a lot of Tahani's clothes."


    I personally hope she took the yellow ball gown.

    Kristen Bell kept one of the signs from the original Season 1 neighborhood.


    She took the one that says "Too Many Flowers" and has it in her garden!

    William Jackson Harper did exactly what I would have done and took one of the very saucy Chidi-themed calendars that his character gave Eleanor before walking through the door in the final episode.

    Let's just hit pause on this calendar real quick. Really take it in. #TheGoodPlace

    Kristen and D'Arcy smartly suggested that NBC should sell the calendar as merch. NBC: Please sell this calendar. I will personally buy five.

    Ted Danson revealed that in addition to keeping a few of Michael's fantastic suits, he held on to the wallet that Janet gave Michael when he became a human, which now holds pictures of the cast.


    *cue tears*

    Last but not least, Manny Jacinto said that he didn't take anything for himself, but instead took the necklace that Jason gave Janet before going through the door. AND THEN he gave it to D'Arcy Carden when the cast watched the finale together.


    And D'Arcy had the necklace with her during the aftershow special that aired after the finale.

    Virginia Sherwood / NBC

    My heart!

    You can catch the rest of the cast's interview on E!'s YouTube page, or you can watch the first three seasons on Netflix and pretend the show hasn't ended!

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