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    21 Times "Bridget Jones's Diary" Was The Best Rom-Com Ever Made

    This movie is perfect and that's a fact.

    1. When, despite making it one of her goals at the beginning of the movie, Bridget didn't lose weight by the end.

    2. When Daniel Cleaver made his entrance while the verse "What you want, baby I got it," from Aretha Franklin's "Respect" played in the background.

    3. And then, when Bridget dumped him and left the office (and Daniel) to the tune of "R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me."

    4. When, in a moment of female solidarity, Perpetua stuck up for Bridget to Daniel even though they didn't like each other that much.

    5. When Bridget dated Daniel even though she knew he was trouble, because sometimes we get swept away by nice hair and good sex.

    6. But then didn't forgive Daniel after he cheated on her, even after he tried the "I need you so I can be better" line, and even though she was mad at Mark for beating him up.

    7. When Bridget didn't want to stay in a toxic environment and figured out a new career.

    8. When Mark apologized for being rude to Bridget and they had this iconic exchange:

    9. When Bridget responded in kind:

    10. When Daniel and Bridget were chaotic on little boats and made each other laugh.

    11. When Bridget shut down the smug couple trying to get her to speak for all unmarried women everywhere.

    12. When Mark helped Bridget land an important interview for her new job, contrasting with Daniel dismissing her as the girl who "fannies about with the press releases."

    13. When Daniel didn't embarrass Bridget for her granny panties.

    14. When Bridget's father forgives her mother for leaving him for Julian, the home shopping network guy.

    15. When Mark saved Bridget's birthday dinner by not only making omelets, but also reassuring her that her friends wouldn't care that she was a bad cook and that blue soup was cool.

    16. When Bridget's friends in fact didn't care that she was a bad cook, and did what we all do when we're around our friend's crush: try to fluster them.

    17. When Mark and Daniel fought in the rain to the tune of "It's Raining Men" by the Weather Girls.

    18. When Bridget loudly interrupted Mr. Darcy's announcement of Mark and Natasha's engagement to tell him she didn't want him to go.

    19. When Bridget's friends came to whisk her off to Paris for the weekend after she learned of Mark's engagement.

    20. When Bridget thought Mark was leaving because he read her diary, but he was actually just getting her a new one.

    21. And OF COURSE, one of the most iconic lines in rom-com history:

    In summation, this movie is romantic comedy perfection and we don't need to talk about the sequels. ❤️

    JK, Bridget Jones's Baby is fine.