Billie Eilish Nailed It On "SNL" Last Night With Surprise Appearances By Her Bro Finneas And Miley Cyrus

    Finneas as Trevor the bellhop will keep me chuckling all week.

    Billie Eilish was the host AND musical guest on Saturday Night Live last night, and she killed it.

    As is custom, Billie was joined onstage by her brother, Finneas, for both of her musical performances.

    Of course, it wasn't surprising to see Finneas onstage in a musical capacity, but he also showed up in a couple of sketches!

    He played Trevor the bellhop/valet/night manager/in-house doctor in the hotel sketch, and appeared as some sort of music influencer (IDK what else to call it) in the TikTok sketch.

    Finneas wearing a cap in a TikTok video

    The other surprise celebrity guest was THE Miley Cyrus, who made a brief cameo during the Christmas card sketch.

    Caption: "This woman came up to my table and said 'You're Anna Montana!' and then said that she hated my music"

    She was clearly excited to be there, and seems to be open to forming a comedy trio with the Baird O'Connell siblings.

    The best kind of SNL cameo is one that's exciting without stealing the host's thunder, and Finneas and Miley did just that.

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