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When Was An Actor's Performance So Good That It Almost Saved A Bad Movie?

Sometimes an actor's performance is so good, it can *almost* make something watchable.

Look, we've all seen some bad movies. It's sad but true. Sometimes you watch something and your biggest takeaway is regret over the 90 minutes you'll never get back.


Occasionally, though, a bad movie will have a really good performance from an actor, like a little gift for your patience. The performance might even be good enough to redeem (or almost redeem) the whole movie!

DC Films

No disrespect to Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill (who were fine!), but Batman v Superman became infinitely better whenever Gal Gadot showed up.

Suicide Squad was certainly not in the running for the Best Picture Oscar, but Viola Davis, Will Smith, and Margot Robbie all gave really convincing performances.

DC Films

I would gladly have watched a Deadshot movie, and the Harley Quinn solo movie, Birds of Prey, is really good.

You may have seen Joy and thought, Jennifer Lawrence is doing her best, but this movie is a damn mess.

Fox 2000 Pictures

Maybe you thought that Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby prioritized spectacle over the themes of the original novel but Leonardo DiCaprio was a pretty perfect Gatsby.

VIllage Roadshow Pictures

Tell us about a great acting performance you’ve seen in an otherwise not-so-great movie (and how it elevated the bad material), and you might be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!