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    Bad Bunny Announced His New Album And Made A Statement About A Slain Trans Woman On "The Tonight Show"

    The title YHLQMDLG stands for "Yo hago lo que me da la gana," which means "I do what I want."

    Last night, Bad Bunny revealed the release date for his new album, YHLQMDLG, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon...and it's TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, so get pumped.

    Bad Bunny (@sanbenito) reveals exclusive info about his new album including the album art, the amount of tracks, the title, and the release date (tomorrow night at midnight)! #YHLQMDLG #FallonTonight

    Safe to say, people are very excited:

    Me when bad bunny drops the album 🔥🔥

    After his interview, Bad Bunny and Sech performed "Ignorantes," the first single off his new album.

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    Near the end of the performance (during which he wore a skirt), he took off his jacket to reveal a shirt that said, "Mataron a Alexa, no a un hombre con falda," which translates to "They killed Alexa, not a man in a skirt."

    The shirt is referencing the murder of Alexa Luciano Ruiz, a Puerto Rican transgender woman who was murdered on the island last weekend after she was reported to the police for using a women's restroom.

    People were moved by the statement.

    Bad Bunny wore a shirt on "Jimmy Fallon" to fight transphobia after a transgender woman was killed in Puerto Rico. Neulisa Luciano Ruiz (Alexa) was killed after reportedly being harassed for using a women's restroom. Some media described her as a "man dressed in a black skirt."

    And here's Bad Bunny using a national show to bring insight into the violent death of Alexa, a transgender woman murdered in a hate crime in Puerto Rico. The media insisted on stating Alexa was a man in a skirt.

    This week a trans woman was murdered here, which caused all the transphobes to of course misgender her and say all the transphobic shit they love saying. Today, Bad Bunny appeared in Jimmy Fallon's show with a shirt that read: "Alexa was killed, not a man in a dress". Stan him

    #BadBunny (@sanbenito) performs Ignorantes wearing a shirt that says “They killed Alexa, not a man with a skirt”, referring to the murder of a trans woman in PR—while wearing a skirt himself. We LUV A STAR who uses their platform to raise awareness while challenging gender norms!

    People were also happy to see Sech, an Afro-Latinx Panamanian singer, on such a big platform.

    Shout out to @sanbenito (Bad Bunny) for having an actual Afro-Latino (Sech) perform with him @FallonTonight I really appreciate this moment and for many Americans finally seeing and probably confused why there’s a black man with dreads singing in Spanish. I LOOOVE IT! ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    May his star continue to rise.