10 Famous Athletes Who Said Yes To The COVID-19 Vaccine, And 7 Who Said No

    From LeBron James to Aaron Rodgers.

    Note: COVID-19 vaccines have been rigorously tested and shown to be safe and effective. The views shared by some people in this post are harmful and are not supported by scientific evidence. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine can save your life and the lives of your loved ones, helping to end the pandemic.

    1. VACCINATED: LeBron James

    2. NOT VACCINATED: Kyrie Irving

    3. VACCINATED: Allyson Felix

    4. NOT VACCINATED: Anthony Rizzo

    5. VACCINATED: Serena Williams

    6. NOT VACCINATED: Novak Djokovic

    7. VACCINATED: Andy Murray

    8. NOT VACCINATED: Aaron Rodgers

    9. VACCINATED: Tom Brady

    10. NOT VACCINATED: Cole Beasley

    11. VACCINATED: Simone Biles

    12. NOT VACCINATED: Bradley Beal

    13. VACCINATED: Suni Lee

    14. NOT VACCINATED: Callum Robinson

    15. VACCINATED: Neymar da Silva Santos, Jr.

    16. VACCINATED but didn't want to be: Andrew Wiggins

    17. And finally, VACCINATED: Megan Rapinoe