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    These 21 Makeup Hacks Will Save Your Morning

    I have already tried some of these and, seriously, they are lifesavers.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite time-saving beauty hacks. Here are some of their best responses!

    1. "I mix rosehip oil into my moisturizer and then apply dry powder foundation. It really helps in dry skin weather!"

    2. "I tuck my mascara into my bra while I’m applying everything else so that when I do apply it it isn’t clumpy and glides on really smoothly."

    3. "My everyday routine is skincare, sunscreen, eyebrows, some brown eyeshadow and some glitter eyeshadow on top, mascara and a lip product of some sort."


    "If you're confident in your skin/have good skin already you can 100% skip foundation. It takes 10 minutes max depending on how much effort you put into your eyebrows."


    4. "I have a clean mascara brush that I saved from a mascara that I threw out, and whenever my lashes get clumpy I just run my clean brush through them till I get them all separated and lifted."


    "It has seriously been a life saver!"


    5. "Beauty YouTuber Jaime French taught me a highlighting hack. Put on your moisturizer and/or primer, then put on your highlighter where you usually do in order to cover up redness and discoloration."

    Jaime French / Via YouTube

    "Then you put your foundation where you need it, but NOT on top of the highlight, only around it to blend. Your highlight shines so much brighter and you end up using way less foundation so you look less cakey. Saves on time, money, product, and your makeup will look better."


    6. "Wait until your mascara dries, and then use a Q-Tip to clean up any stray marks. Doing it while it’s wet will smudge it, but if you wait until it dries, it comes off so easily!"

    SmitaDeepak / Via

    7. "Use tinted chapstick as blush. Rub some on, and spread it with your fingers!"



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    8. "Apply Vaseline before foundation for a smoother application and a little glow.✨"



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    9. "I use Lucas Paw Paw Ointment as lip gloss and on my eye lids for a dewy glow. It's quick, easy, and simultaneously moisturizes your lips and lids."



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    10. "I use eyeshadow primer under my under-eye concealer! Helps with creasing soooo much."



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    11. "I dye my blond eyebrows with Just for Men Beard and Mustache Dye every two weeks."

    Bailey Sarian / Via

    "It's cheap, looks amazing, and you get several uses out of a box. It saves me so much time too, as it eliminates the need to use pencil/powder on my brows every day."


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    12. "I use my bronzer as eye shadow — just in the crease for a quick, everyday, 'no-makeup' look."

    Jackie Aina / Via YouTube

    13. "This is less of a hack and more of a thing that helped me with getting my makeup even: Do your makeup with both hands."


    "I do my eyes (even eyeliner) with my right and left hand and it saves the whole awkwardness of only using one hand."


    14. "I use tanning drops with lotion, then apply concealer where I need it, and don't use foundation. It makes skin look more even and tan!"



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    15. "At night, once my hair is washed and still damp, I shove in some serum, turn my head upside down, and do a standard three strand braid."

    LJM22 / Via

    "It looks ridiculous once it's done, but in the morning all I do is undo the braid, pop in a bit of mousse, and all of a sudden I have amazing beach curls. It takes a minute instead of my usual 15 and looks so much nicer."


    16. "I use bronzer, blush, and highlighter as eyeshadow. I put bronzer in the crease, and then blend the blush on top of the bronzer and also put the blush on the lid."

    17. "When my skin is oily, I put a very light layer of setting powder over my primer before applying foundation."


    "And I use a fan brush to put some setting powder on eyelashes before mascara, makes them look thicker."


    18. "I rub an ice cube all over my face after skin care. My makeup goes on so smoothly!"

    itsrani98 / Via

    19. "Use Monistat Anti Chafing Cream as primer! It works with most silicone-based foundations and makes a silky base."


    "My makeup lasts all day, plus it works great for its intended use as a chafing cream. I keep one in my purse and one on my vanity."


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    20. "Put concealer on first (on spots/blemishes), then when you put on BB cream you'll look flawless but still natural, and it’s a lot more comfortable to wear."

    21. "I use brown eyeshadow and a liner brush to fill in my sparse eyebrows. Beats having to buy a separate brow filler."

    What beauty hacks improved your make-up routine? Let us know in the comments below!