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    Updated on Oct 10, 2019. Posted on Oct 8, 2019

    19 Dogs Who Have No Idea How They Got Here

    They got stuck in these things, and now they'll get stuck in your heart.

    1. "Can you bring back some kibble? I'll wait."

    rigel2112 / Via

    2. "If you take a left on that corner, you'll be there in two minutes."

    TheFlyingPigSquadron / Via

    3. "I understand you have questions about what you're seeing, and I can explain."

    gloweblue / Via

    4. "I thought this was a cheetah and I wanted to hug it."

    5. "I've had a ruff day, and it's five o'clock somewhere."

    rigel2112 / Via

    6. "I'd love to know who left this death trap here. Was it you, Fred?"

    coxeyyy / Via

    7. "This necklace is bangin' and I don't care if you disagree."

    theluckyking / Via

    8. "This isn't what I had in mind when I said I wanted to go to the park."

    u/Sydviciouz / Via

    9. "You have no idea the things I've seen."


    10. "I just need to get that last fry...wait why is it so dark?"

    11. "I thought you'd like to know that we're out of root beer."

    _ShowMeYourKitties_ / Via

    12. "I'm not sure what I expected going in, but it wasn't this."

    m3galoman1ac / Via

    13. "I honestly thought this was a very large piece of bread."

    TheTrueMuffinMan / Via

    14. "Are you trying to tell me this isn't a shirt?"

    GoncaloMoura / Via

    15. "That's it, I'm never gardening again."

    FrozenFoodGuy / Via

    16. "I obviously meant to do this."

    17. "I'm feeling very sensitive today and would appreciate some privacy."

    Muscle & Motors / Via

    18. "When I get out of here, it's curtains for you."

    Havent_the_foggiest / Via

    19. "Surpise! I've been in here a while, waiting for you to show up."

    DontFearZombies / Via

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