These 18 Lefties Shared The Normal Things They Have Trouble With

    "I'm a left-handed gal in a right-handed world."

    10% of the world population is left-handed. That might not sound like a lot, but it's actually about 750 million people.

    Most of us don't realize that there are lots of things lefties struggle with every day! Reddit user Luis-Barajas asked the lefties of Reddit for common activities or things they have trouble with because they're designed for right-handed folks, and the answers might surprise you:

    1. "Writing on desks that are attached to the right side of the chair."

    2. "Going out to eat with a large group is annoying. I have to make sure I get the left-most seat or the end seat. Otherwise I'll be knocking elbows with some righty through the whole meal."


    3. "Writing left to right, especially in PEN. My hand gets completely smudged with ink, and so does my paper!"


    4. "Chainsaws are terrifying. There are no left-handed chainsaws, you simply cannot use a chainsaw left-handed, and all of my instincts are wrong."


    5. "Writing on dry-erase boards and chalkboards. Your hand gets in the way and erases the whole thing."

    6. "At my old bar job, the mop heads screwed into the handle. Every time I wrung the mop out (counterclockwise), I unscrewed the handle and then had to touch the dirty mop head to reattach it."


    7. "Glass measuring cups give me trouble because the writing is on the wrong side of the glass for me."


    8. "My daughters are left-handed. We spent about two years trying to teach my eldest how to tie her shoes, but she just couldn't get it and we didn't know why. Then someone pointed out that the method we were using would look wrong to her and she wouldn't be able to copy what I showed her. We tried a method that didn't start from any particular side and she mastered it in 10 minutes."

    9. "Can openers! My husband thinks I'm bonkers for asking him to open cans for me or buy the ones with pull tabs."


    10. "My son is left-handed and I have to remind him to be careful every time we go on the train because the ticket barriers are designed for right handed people, so you have to tap your card/insert your ticket on the right to open the barrier in front of you. He automatically taps the reader on the left, which opens the next barrier over!"


    11. "Using a computer mouse. I got scolded a lot in school 'cause I would switch the side of the keyboard the mouse is on. My teacher said it wasn't 'proper' computer skills."


    12. "Ice cream scoops with the little levers are impossible for a lefty to use."

    13. "The number pad on the computer keyboard is located on the right side, making it difficult for lefties to enter a series of numbers."


    14. "Fun coffee mugs are always the wrong way around!"


    15. "Spiral-bound notebooks are a bitch."

    16. "Box cutters. Maybe it's just me, but I always grab mine in my left hand and use it upside down."


    17. "Golf!!! Lefty clubs are hard to find to rent and expensive to own."


    18. "Scissors can be a nightmare. Yeah, I know, they make ones for lefties, but they are hard to find! I don't even own a pair and I'm left-handed."