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    SoulCycle App And Website Crashes On Monday At Noon And People Go Crazy

    On August 10, a Monday, women (and men) who are devotees of SoulCycle, realized that not only the website, but the app went down, at noon. And people lost their shit!

    1. First, a Scapegoat! Conor!

    Did Conor just make @soulcycle app and website crash,??????? Such bs I need my classes


    Well at least we have someone to blame

    2. Check All Possible Sources To Confirm Site Is Down

    .@soulcycle is down AHHHHH

    It took about 2 minutes, but Soren even checked his sources. Yes, is indeed down.

    3. First World Problems Indeed

    And there is a registration crash?!?! @soulcycle please say it ain't so! #firstworldproblems


    Even new riders couldn't register. This is a threat level 10! This is not a drill!

    4. Emojis Will Not Save You now

    The @soulcycle app crashed 😭 Nooo I need my classes!


    The struggle is real.

    5. The Truth Will Set You Free

    @soulcycle site & app seem to be down. That sound you hear is a thousand white women screaming


    I heard it, the sound was worse than a newborn crying.

    6. Even Reality Stars Aren't Safe

    Ahhhhh @soulcycle, what's happening with your app?!? Is all the world reserving their bikes?!? I NEED my #SoulCycle fix this week! 😩


    We're there with you Jen, stay strong, if you can lose 114 lbs, you can wait 10 minutes for SoulCyle to fix their website.

    7. At Least She is Self-Aware

    "Noon on Monday" @soulcycle server goes down...basic bitches everywhere having FULL MELTDOWNS #myselfincluded


    It's always good to have a sense of humor in tough situations, but this is no laughing matter!

    8. Oops Indeed

    When 12 rolls around on Mondays and @soulcycle class registration explodes... #soulcycleproblems #howwillifrontrow 😱


    I guess you'll have to sidebar it Nicholas, I guess you'll have to sidebar.

    9. Error! Error!

    My @soulcycle app going all ERROR code on me gave me a minor heart attack #SoulCycle #ClickClickClick


    The more you tap refresh, the more you slowly drive yourself insane!

    10. Don't Worry, SoulCyle is On The Case

    @catedunn we are back up and running. Let us know if there are any classes you couldn't book.


    What if she said no? What if she said no!


    Let this be a lesson to everyone out there, technology can fail you. It can fail you hard, but hey, at least I got the bikes I wanted and that's all that matters.

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