20 Parks And Recreation GIFs That Describe Being In Your 20s

You’re fresh out of college and discovering life, one awkward dating situation at a time. Turns out you’re not alone. Your favorite city workers from Pawnee, Indiana know exactly how you feel.

1. When We Meet Somebody New After College

2. When Somebody Tries To Correct Us At Our Job

3. When We Get In Political Facebook Arguments

4. When Our Love-Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

5. When We’re Having A Rough Day At Work

6. When We Have To Learn Something New On a Computer

7. When We Start Cooking For Ourselves

8. When We Log Onto Our OKCupid Accounts

9. When We Need To Start Being Productive

10. When Office Meetings Last More Than an Hour

11. When We’re Talking With Our Couple Friends About Dating

12. When We’re Talking To Our Single Friends About Dating

13. When We’re At The Mall On The Weekends

14. When It’s 5 O’clock

15. When We’re Drunk At The Club

16. When We’re Talking About True Blood

17. When We’re Driving By Ourselves

18. When We Forget Our Tolerance Isn’t What It Used To Be

19. When Nothing’s Going Quite Right

20. And When We Realize These Magical Years Are Also Coming To an End

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