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In New Hampshire, Clinton Camp Drops Flyers With Negative News Stories About Bernie

Lit Drop Season!

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It's Lit Drop Season in New Hampshire, when campaigns make their final pitch to voters with a flurry of paper.

There's hardly a doorknob in the state without several paper hangers on it bearing the face, name, and tightly condensed campaign platform of presidential candidates on them.

Mailboxes are stuffed full of lit pieces, and of late cars parked outside political events get covered with lit from rival candidates.

Over the weekend there were reports of Clinton campaign lit drops that were media stories about Sanders obfuscating or being naive.

Left on my windshield after Sanders event -flyer from Hillary for America it says w/ articles hitting Sanders

A Washington Post editorial excoriating Sanders has started appearing around the state. The lit piece, like the Politifact piece, says it's paid for by the Clinton campaign.

Found at the bottom of the steps just inside the entrance to my apartment.

The Clinton campaign's plan to drop the Washington Post editorial flyer on doorsteps was reported last month by Politico.

Using media quotes in political advertising is common, though it can sometimes get campaigns into trouble.

For the record, Politifact has come to grips with candidates using their pieces in campaign lit. They try to make sure it's done without editing.

"We know our work is going to be used by campaigns, and there is little we can do to stop it. It just better be cited correctly. If it's not, we'll happily try and help correct the record, as we have in the past," Aaron Sharockman, executive editor of Politifact, told BuzzFeed News.

Does the Clinton one pass or fail? Sharockman said he'd have to see it for himself.

"The image you shared doesn't have the entire flier, so it's tough for me to say," he said. "Anyone who gets the flier should go to and view the full record of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders."

Evan McMorris-Santoro is the White House correspondent for BuzzFeed News.

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