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The Power Of Love

Love, Intangible, but certainly obtainable It takes the form Of a mysterious power That travels the atmosphere Waiting for the right moment, For the right person to possess To change their lives for the better Love, It really doesn’t have an understanding Of the future. It doesn’t know what will come, What can happen. Sometimes, it gets itself wrong, But it never gives up. It falls and it dusts itself off And it tries again And again And again Until its gets itself right. Until it gets itself perfect. Until it becomes everlasting. Love is whimsical. It can be capricious. It’s fickle to the point that it becomes overwhelming. But let me assure you That it doesn’t intend to be that way. Think of love as a mentally challenged individual It can be one way at one moment in time And then a completely different way Another moment in time. But it can’t help being that way. It changes people. That the mystical power it possesses It takes time It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a foundation that has to be built. It’s a fortress that has to be guarded, So that the strongest invasion Doesn’t even stand a chance. It’ll never go away. Run from it as much as you can. But you will tire very easily. It will catch up to you Like a shadow in the night Or a sunray in the morning. Only the strongest survives The unpredictability of love. It goes through changes. Think of the four seasons. It’s happy like a hot summer day. Angry like a destructive hurricane. Sad like a rainfall on an otherwise beautiful sunny day. Yet bitter like a cold snowy evening. But don’t let it scare you. The mission is to stay with it Throughout the changes. That’s the adventure of it all. Not taking into account Certain actions that can’t be forgiven, Love must be cherished Be kind to it Nurture it. And in return, It will bring good into your life. Its scary The unknown can be But the amusement of it all Is deciding what to do When faced with the great obstacles. Don’t give up And it won’t give up on you. It only wants to shroud you Not haunt you It wants to hug you Not suffocate you. Love, tangible?

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