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How To Handle Bigots

A short article about the benefits of a non-agressive approach to handling bigots.

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Your best option against those who attack with ignorance is not to counter with logic. It is to counter with guilt. Logic, very clearly does not work on those who cannot already see it. The minds of those blinded by years of brainwashing will not change with simple thought alone. It must be done with guilt.

Many may believe this point to be false, assuming that arguing and shoving facts down the throats of bigots is the only way to actually change minds. Deep down in the core of our psyche, we have an instinctive desire to fight back. We feel the need to return anger with anger and why shouldn’t we? It’s a early primitive trait given to us by the survival of the fittest to ward off dangerous creatures. It’s the reason we fight wars, or even have separate countries for that matter. It’s fear in a nutshell. We are afraid of what someone might do to us, so if we sense a threat, we lash out.

If one person offends another, and the offended turns around and does the same, what good does that do? Doesn’t it only create more fear? If instead of attacking back, that second person simply turns, looks solemn, and says “I’m sorry and I mean you no harm.” What could the offender do? They have lost any rational reason to fear you and thus any reason to attack you. More, they now feel guilty. At this point, you have won.

So heres how you do it. If you’re walking down the street and someone scoffs at you, If someone insults you or tells you that you’re “wrong” for just being yourself, don’t simply walk on by. Don’t ignore it, but at the same time don’t act out of anger. Make them feel sorry for what they have done. Be kind to them so they see they have a reason to be kind to you! If you are simply kind to everyone you meet, you will find sympathy even in the darkest of times.

Now don’t take this the wrong way. In cases where it may work, logic and reason is definitely the answer, but do not accompany it with hate. The second you start attacking back, you have become just as bad as the bigots. You are better then hate. You can conquer hate.

Stay confident,

- The Man in the Top Hat

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