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  • Warm Holiday Reunions In A Frozen Small Town Airport (VIDEO)

    The holiday season is one of the worst for traveling. Crowds. Delays. Cancellations. But then, after all that misery, lots of hugs and kisses, proving its warming in North Dakota than anybody would think. This video was shot on Christmas Eve in Minot, North Dakota. It was directed by Evan Carpenter, a resident of Utah, who just happened to be in Minot for the holidays.

  • The Biggest Holi Celebration In The Western Hemisphere, Weeks Away (This Video Is Awesome)

    Every year Indians celebrate the triumph of good over evil and usher in spring with “Holi” the festival of colors. So head to India by March 8th OR, if India is a little too far or too expensive, try the next best thing: the biggest celebration of Holi in the US, North or South America, or… probably the whole world excluding predominantly Hindu countries. It’s in Spanish Fork, Utah. Yep.

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