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    • europan

      “Whoever doesn’t disclose his/her funding sources is considered suspicious”.
      Standup for a noble cause even if it is for UNCA! I respect that! I TRULY RESPECT THAT! But doing so anonymously is like that famous phrase: “YOU ALMOST GOT ME PREGNANT” ALMOST do not count. You Know That!!
      Dude! Even UNCA have more creditability then you if you keep using a fake name to discredit someone!!
      Put up or BUZZ-OFF! I know! I know! The minute you put your real name, you will be representing your ‘Big Media’ company and they will fire your BURRO for openly involving them in this witch hunt.

    • europan

      UNCA is an organization that has existed for more than 60 years, with almost 200 paying members.
      It is true that not all UNCA members are FUNCA, but ALL FUNCA members are UNCA. UNCA how many of your members trust you? (Please don’t lie)
      UNCA do you know why they pay you that$70? (No! is not for the book) Yes! For Protection!
      UNCA, do you know how many of your people are fed-up with your 2-years fight?
      Everyone! Everyone is so fed-up with you dragging all of us down the mud with your ‘Big Media’ friends and old-fashioned ideas. We are so fed up that we decided to create our own Group to protect us and to get more access; this group is called the Free UN Coalition for Access (FUNCA). Yes UNCA, we have more than3members and no, you don’t need to know how many. We protect our members. The only things we want from our members are their complaints so we can send to the appropriated agency at the United Nations, and their support to reform DPI Media rules (or lack thereof). Yes we are doing your job! Yes UNCA,Iwasamember of your board!Iknow how you operate and that’s whyIresigned when you ask me to help you expel an accredited journalist because the UN was not happy with his writing! 60-years old organization!!! Please!! All the good that UNCA has done has already disappeared under Jon Paulo’s dictatorship. UNCA, you may call us “Crazy”, “Dirty Peoples”, “Misfits”, “Not-Journalists”, “Smells Bad”, “Bloggers”, “Piss ants”, “New Media Freaks”, or any other name, but FUNCA is gaining more and more of your members every day. UNCA, you must be really concerned and feeling the pressure from your members if you are so worried about FUNCA.
      Let see how many of your ‘Big Media’ bosses will come to your aid when push comes to shove. Remember there are more ‘Small Media’ than ‘Big Media’ at the UN, and we demand equitable access and opportunities. The “Crazy”, “Dirty Peoples”, “Misfits”, “Not-Journalists”, “Smells Bad”, “Bloggers”, “Piss ants”, “New Media Freaks”, are here, and we are here to stay! The time of the UN Press Corp to be afraid of ‘Big Media’ and UNCA Retaliations is over! The Free UN Coalition for Access (FUNCA) is here!
      REFORM! or get out of the way of free access and honest journalism.

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