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The 18 Stages Of Moving To A New Country Alone

Where is the food? Like honestly how do I get to it?

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Stage 1: Halleluia my life is amazing!

This is actually the stage right before you get on the plane. You are so psyched for your new adventure!

Stage 2: Fresh off the plane excitement before jet lag sets in

You're so ready to experience your new land! You may think you have the energy to go do something amazing your first night...this is a mistake.

Stage 3: The jet lag has commenced.

Why do none of these imbeciles realize it's 3am? Oh's not.

Stage 4: It's the middle of the night

You're wide awake. You can't know for sure...but you feel like you have crazy eyes.

Stage 5: You realize you need food.

You also realize you don't know the names of any restaurants or grocery stores. Nor do you understand the bus system to get to said food havens.

Stage 6: In your hunger and cowardice you become taxi-dependent for a few days.

"YO HOME TO....oh crap let me google my address. Sorry."

Stage 7: You struggle to find everyday items like toilet paper, batteries, and calendars. They all seem to be sold in different stores.

If you're American, you'll realize that Target was a gift. You will never find a store that sells everything you need ever again.

Stage 8: You find yourself buying more than you should.

Let's face it. That exchange rate is really just an excuse to pretend you don't know how much money you're spending.

Stage 9: You also get frustrated when your card inevitably doesn't work somewhere or you can't figure out change.

Stage 10: You realize you hate crowds.

Walking down new streets is hard enough without having to carry a million bags and dodge a million strangers who all seem to hate you for your lack of directional knowledge!

Stage 11: You realize you haven't had a real conversation in days.

Your phone probably doesn't work here and you don't have any friends here even if it did.

Stage 12: You start resorting to extreme measures to meet people.

I mean maybe you just went to a local bar and talked to strangers or joined a knitting club, but still, it's extreme for you.

Stage 13: You finally start to feel settled.

You've made a few friends. You've bought all the necessities. Hell, you've taken the bus!!!

Stage 14: You start to enjoy all your new home has to offer!

Stage 15: You've found some food places you love!

Stage 16: You've embraced all the things that used to make you uncomfortable.

Stage 17: Someone asks you for directions...


Stage 18: You stop missing the way things were done back home.

You've fully adjusted, and you wouldn't trade this experience for anything!

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