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The 10 Stages Of Wishing You Worked For BuzzFeed

Hire us. Hire us all.

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1. It starts out pretty casually. You simply realize you've taken a liking to BuzzFeed.

Everything is fine at stage one. You still have your aspirations in life. You haven't changed your routine. You're still you.

2. But then you really like this BuzzFeed thing. I mean you like it a lot.

Stage two is still harmless. You sleep a little less at night, but you're fine.

3. Next you realize you're on the BuzzFeed page, twelve articles deep, and you don't remember how you got there.

Things are getting a little dicey at this point. Your mom might have called to check in on you.

4. Then all hell brakes loose when you discover BuzzFeed Video.

There's no turning're toast.

5. You binge watch every Try Guys video every created and then cry yourself to sleep waiting for more.

At this stage you're very caught up in the joy that is Ned's relationship with his wife.

6. Then you wish that you were friends with not only the try guys but also everyone who works at BuzzFeed.

At this stage you have to remind yourself that they do not know who you are. While you have seen them, they have not in fact seen you. Breathe. Put down the Cheetos. When did you even get those Cheetos?

7. After this you realize that BuzzFeed is not only's also meaningful. It's broadcasting different cultures, world views, news, and the general highs and lows of the universe right before your eyes!

This stage is inspiring. You feel that BuzzFeed is the channel for a new generation of open-minded freethinkers.

8. Next you take all that inspiration and you write a brilliant post for BuzzFeed Community!

It's about llamas...but you're just a beginner and everyone loves llamas!

9. Next you see that there's a page of actual jobs for actual people to work at actual BuzzFeed!!!

You blackout for a minute. Your life flashes before your eyes. In the flashes you were a BuzzFeed employee, not just a Community writer. You had made it. This stage is highly dangerous. You call your mother back.

10. Lastly you realize that these jobs are all over the world! You could work in London! You could work in New York! You could work in LA! You could work in Paris! You could loose your shit!

At this stage you have in fact lost your shit. It is long gone, never to be found. As are the ambitions you had pre-BuzzFeed awakening. You have new ambitions now. You want to work for BuzzFeed.

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