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15 Hamsters Who Know The Struggle Of Dealing With Family During The Holidays

These hamsters understand what it is to have awkward family interactions.

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1. When your relative said something really uncomfortable at dinner.

2. When someone asked you what your plans were for the future and you had to get out of there fast.

3. When you were sure you had room for one more cookie.

4. When your family was like "you should really stop," but you were like "Can't stop won't stop!"

5. When you had to sit next to that one relative with no sense of personal space.

"No yeah I like hugs too. It's just that the absence of hugs can be nice as well."

6. When one of your relatives kept making things difficult for everyone and you felt like no progress was being made.

7. When you saw that one relative you needed to hide from.

Back away slowly.

8. When that one annoying athletic cousin asked you to do sports.

9. When you politely didn't tell a relative that they had gained weight but still kept them from eating all the food.

10. When you tried to fit into your jeans after family dinner.

11. When you had to take said jeans off later.

12. When you looked over at Uncle Bob and he was like "BURRITOS!"

Where did he even get those?

13. When you tried to be active but realized you had had too many cookies to do anything anymore.

"If I lay here....If I just laaaaaaaay here."

14. When your mom had to literally lure you out of bed with the promise of food.

15. When it was all over and you took the much needed nap of champions.

Peace out and peace be with you holidays!

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