Let's Shut The Fuck Up And Actually Do Something About Mass Shootings

    We grew up on mass shootings. After Orlando, it's time for our generation to take action.

    Ever since Columbine, mass shootings have irreversibly shaped our generation's worldview. Eugene Lee Yang shares his own personal perspective on how the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando calls attention to the fact that Millennials - who are often the victims and the shooters - must get more involved because of our lack of representation in politics.

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    Yes, there are wars and gun violence happening all the time in the world, but incidents such as Orlando, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Columbine receive so much media attention and generate such a massive, fruitless conversation and yet nothing is ever done to stop it. We need to examine our personal relationships with mass shootings, make it important, and take control. We need to take a fucking stand.

    Here's how we can get involved: visit the following websites below and find out how you can influence legislation and start making positive changes. Even if you're young, it's our responsibility as the future of this country and this world to be smarter, kinder, and better than those who came before us. To continue to argue without producing actual results will only amount to more mass shootings that will undeniably affect you or someone you love.

    The ineffectiveness of Congress, the infinite soapbox that is Internet comments sections, and our overeducated, underrepresented, desensitized generation have lulled us into a state of inaction. We have gotten very good at talking about problems without creating actual solutions. We cannot sit by and watch another Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, or Pulse Nightclub happen again. Let's shut the fuck up and start making a difference.