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    BuzzFeed Threw Its First Queer Prom And It Was Seriously Beautiful

    We threw an inclusive Queer Prom, attended by high school seniors and celebrities, in order to create more safe, celebratory spaces for the LGBT+ community.

    After receiving thousands of nationwide submissions from high school seniors, we flew out eight teens - our 2017 Prom Court - to attend BuzzFeed's inaugural Queer Prom!

    Michelle Goering

    Performer: Mayhem Miller

    The vibrant rainbow-themed event was attended by our Prom Court, local high school seniors, allies, and some amazing LGBT+ celebrities.

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    The full Queer Prom video series will premiere for Pride Month in June and will follow the journey of our Prom Court as they come to Los Angeles to experience their first inclusive prom. Believe us when we tell you that their personal stories will touch even the coldest of hearts.

    Special guests of honor included the iconic Adam Lambert, who officiated the crowning ceremony...

    Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty Images

    ...the fiercely talented Evan Rachel Wood of Westworld, who received a special honor that evening...

    Chelsea Guglielmino / Getty Images

    ...and Mean Girls' Daniel Franzese, pictured here with his fiancé, who closed our crowning ceremony.

    JD Renes / Via

    Needless to say, the party was fucking magical.

    Jordan Strauss / Invision for BuzzFeed

    Performer: Jazmyn Simone


    JD Renes


    JD Renes / Via


    JD Renes / Via

    But MOST importantly, the teens were having the time of their lives and were completely, unapologetically themselves.

    Jordan Strauss / Invision for BuzzFeed

    Performer: Jasmine Masters

    Here's to a growing number of fun, diverse, and beautiful milestones that are accepting of every gender identity and sexual orientation in the future!

    BuzzFeed Motion Pictures / Via