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    August 19 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #10"

    Eugene Lee Yang

    Inside: Why I love to do the work that I do!

    "I’m finally in a position where I’m integral to a wave that is starting to bridge the closing gap between traditional media and viral content, and it’s the most exciting and fulfilling part of my life’s work so far."

    July 8 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #9"

    Eugene Lee Yang

    Inside: A definitive ranking of dog breeds!

    "The world has so many problems. People have so many issues. Dogs just want to be loved and sniff each other’s buttholes."

    June 29 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #8"

    Eugene Lee Yang

    Inside: Why voting and making your voice heard matters.

    "Even if you’re very young, you are part of and will eventually be influencing a system that continues to be broken in many, many ways."

    June 10 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #7"

    Eugene Lee Yang

    Inside: Disney, Disney, and more Disney.

    "It’s no secret that I adore animation with all of my little black heart, and that core appreciation for the medium begins with the Disney animated film canon."

    May 27 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #6"

    Flickr: adforce1

    Inside: Discussing bullying and learning to be proud of your identity.

    "To reach a light at the end of a tunnel, one has to travel through darkness first, and just remember that the forces that are trying to keep you down aren’t what defines you, but how you respond to and grow from that journey."

    May 16 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #5"


    Inside: A celebration of Asian identity.

    "To recognize and celebrate Asian contributions to American society is so important right now and a relatively new observance that demands a more well-rounded tribute than my puny, singular worldview. So in honor of our month for this special entry of my diary, some of my wonderful colleagues across BuzzFeed’s video and editorial staff have contributed to this entry with their own personal perspectives about their Asian pride through succinct testimonies and their favorite GIFs."

    April 29 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #4"


    Inside: The first-ever Try Guys roundtable.

    "I'm only as good as the people I create for and judging by the hundreds of emails I received last week, I'm in fantastic company."

    April 15 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #3"


    Inside: The ABCs of Eugene.

    "We’re always staring at big white assholes. Let’s stand together to bring about change so we can enjoy more Asian assholes."

    April 1 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #2"


    Inside: Part 2 of the "Dissimulation of Birds" diary entry.

    "Dissimulation: to hide under a false appearance in deceive others in order to gain an advantage. It makes total sense for birds, if you really think about it, in an evolutionary sense."

    March 18 — "Eugene's Diary - Entry #1"

    Eugene Lee Yang

    Inside: The first part of the "Dissimulation of Birds" entry.

    "Birds were most especially inspiring because they look innocuous but then with a flutter of their feathers, they could fly. They could fly away. I could not. It was an interest that verged on envy."