Are You The Child, Adult, Teen, Or Old Person Of Your Friends?

Your group of friends = literally just like your family.

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Have you ever felt like your group of friends is so close that you're practically family? Well, as The Try Guys show in this video, the type of friend you are can relate directly to an actual relative. Find out who you are by taking the quiz below!

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  1. What would your friends say is your best quality when compared with the rest of your squad?

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    You're the most positive and fun.
    You're the most unique and offbeat.
    You're the most reliable and a natural leader.
    You're the most honest and intelligent.
    You're the most fearless and creative.
  2. What would your friends say is your worst quality when compared with the rest of your squad?

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    You can be totally irresponsibly unpredictable and wild.
    You can find a way to complain about anything.
    You can sometimes worry too much and occasionally be bossy.
    You can be extremely weird and awkward around other people.
    You actively avoid bad feelings and hate dealing with serious problems.
  3. It's Saturday, you're hanging out with your best friends, and you're trying to figure out evening plans. What are you most likely to say?

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    "Let's stay in, order pizza, maybe play board games, or start the newest Netflix series."
    "Okay, everyone share what they want to do and we'll go with the most popular option."
    "It's Saturday, we definitely have to go out! Drinks, club, dancing, and more drinks."
    "If we all want to do different things we'll just split up and do them on our own and maybe meet up later in the night."
    "Let's go out and do something fun like karaoke, mini golf, or laser tag."
  4. What would you most likely order at a restaurant?

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    I'd honestly rather just get takeout or delivery then go to a restaurant.
    Pizza, fries, chicken fingers - anything I can eat with my hands, really.
    A mixed salad, bowl, wrap, or anything that's both delicious and moderately healthy.
    I have certain dietary restrictions so I'd have to consider the type of cuisine we're eating and the menu options.
    Anything ethnic that's new, exciting, spicy, or something I can introduce to the rest of my friends.
  5. You're out with your squad and one of your friends and a stranger begin arguing — it looks like they're about to get into a fight. What's the first thing you instinctively do?

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    You immediately step in between the two and try to calm them both down.
    You stay out of the situation — your friend can handle themselves without you complicating things.
    You vocally and physically jump to your friend's defense, regardless of whether it'll escalate the fight.
    You quickly try to pull away your friend away from the argument without causing a scene.
    You support your friend by vocally telling the other person off, but don't physically place yourself into their altercation.
  6. What's your drink of choice?

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    A nice glass of wine or two.
    A tasty specialty cocktail.
    An ice-cold glass of beer.
    I'll just have coffee, tea, or water instead, thanks.
    Anything where lots of alcohol is mixed together.
  7. One of your friends has a huge crush on someone who you start having a casual conversation with. How do you play matchmaker?

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    You try to become their new friend so that it opens up opportunities for group hangouts in the future.
    You smoothly navigate the crush toward your friend, in any way you can, to get them to start talking to one another.
    You use this time to size them up with specific questions to see if they're even worth your friend's time.
    You just go for the jugular and drop direct hints that your friend has a big ol' crush on them.
    You find out as much as you can about their personality and interests and plan the most subtle, natural way your friend can cross paths with theirs.
  8. What type of exercise are you most attracted to?

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    Regular walking is enough working out for me.
    Anything that makes me feel balanced and flexible: yoga, Pilates, or even a nice scenic hike.
    I have such a natural high energy and love to dance so much that I don't necessarily need a class to sweat.
    Anything that's challenging and high intensity: things like CrossFit, spin class, circuit training, or kickboxing.
    I love workouts that are off the beaten path, like aerial silks, trapeze, or pole dancing.
  9. Hypothetically, if you don't die from natural causes, what would be the most probable way you'd leave this world?

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    I'll definitely have died from doing something incredibly risky and reckless.
    No one would know how I would have died because it would be related to some deep, dark secret I have.
    Probably an aneurysm or an abundance of stress because I can worry too damn much.
    It would have to be some freak, unfortunate accident because I don't actively think about how I'd die.
    To be completely honest, probably something medical from sitting around on my ass and eating delicious food, which would totally would be worth it.
  10. Finally, on a much brighter note, which statement relates best to how you would be most satisfied with your entire life?

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    "As long as I've made the people who crossed paths with me a little bit happier and their days a little bit brighter, then I have no regrets."
    "I have spent every waking moment aiming to try something exciting and new and have never stopped learning, even with age."
    "I truly, deeply have tried my best to help others who have needed me and have succeeded by remaining strong in my convictions and by spreading compassion."
    "I never set unrealistic expectations for myself or others and, instead, have strived to be honest, authentic, and to never lose my sense of humor."
    "I never let anyone tell me how to live my life or how to behave and have always refused to be stuck in a box, personally or socially."

Are You The Child, Adult, Teen, Or Old Person Of Your Friends?

You got: The Child

You might not be the youngest in age in your group of friends, but you're definitely the youngest in spirit. Your positive, fun, contagious, and outgoing outlook on life makes you the life of every party, and you approach every experience with a sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation. Your agreeable and trusting disposition makes new acquaintances easy to come by, though you sometimes find it difficult to handle conflict and truly value the idea of loving over fighting. Bottom line: Most people adore you and will protect you at all costs. Although some people will, indeed, treat you like the baby of the group, you're just as smart and strong as the rest of your friends — you just prefer smiling your way to your victories.

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You got: The Teenager

You are the perpetual, archetypal teenager: daring, confident, emotional, unpredictable, and undeniably the coolest member of your group of friends (they'll even admit it). You have the most open mind out of everyone you know and are willing to try anything once, never thinking twice when it comes to taking swift action, regardless of how rash or crazy those decisions may be. Because you have a quick wit and zero filter, some might be fast to label you as "the bitchy one," and although you attract your fair share of drama, you simply aren't afraid to say what's on your mind and stand up for what you believe in. You're prone to mood swings and the occasional bad romance, but in the end, your unique, fighting spirit ensures that you always end up on top.

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You got: The Adult

You know who you are: the quintessential mom or dad of your group, and you're damn proud of it. You're responsible, caring, diplomatic, and above all, the only thing that keeps your squad from ever falling apart. I mean, let's face it: You're the only one who's not a hot mess, and that's usually because you have the strongest grasp of a healthy work/school–life balance and know how to both bring home the bacon *and* cook it. Being organized isn't a chore, it's a talent — and even if your friends give you crap for being boring or a little behind the times, you are always on top of your shit. And if anyone's ever in need, rest assured, you'll be there to save the day.

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You got: The Old Person

When you say you're an old man or old lady inside, you're not kidding around. You are the old person of your group of friends and pssshhh, geez, already you're bored after completing this stupid quiz. You're intelligent, charming, cynical, sarcastic, and way too tired of other people's shit to care what they think about you. You don't need the validation of a constant, hip social scene or strangers to feel great — you appreciate spending intimate time with close friends, preferably on a couch, with a pet, while eating food, in front of a TV, before midnight, etc. On the negative side, it's the little things that push you to complain the most, and patience isn't your greatest virtue, but you more than make up for that with a no-bullshit attitude and a greater understanding of time well-spent.

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You got: The Aunt or Uncle

While the rest of the results focus on the typical nuclear family roles, you take the special, equally important position of the aunt or uncle of your group of friends. You know — the weird, offbeat relative who does his or her own thing without having to answer to the rest of the crew. You have a strange, exceptional sense of humor and an independent spirit, which makes you especially adaptive, able to mesh well with multiple cliques. While you remain loyal to your buddies, you also keep a measurable emotional distance in order to provide an objective perspective on any situation, especially ones involving drama. Out of everyone in these results, you're simply not the type to define yourself within a set group of best friends, and that's totally okay, because you'd much rather have many different unique and exciting social circles that are constantly evolving.

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