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24 Insanely Cute Items Every Food-Obsessed Person Needs

Want = need. Feed your obsession at

1. This hand-painted ice cream trinket dish that will never ever melt.

MIMAWorkshop / Via

Not even in summer. Make it yours here.

2. This adorable doughnut travel pillow so you can dream about, well, more doughnuts.

thehappycactusshop / Via

Time for some sweet shuteye. Make it yours here.

3. This greeting card that knows the way to your heart.


Now that's love. Make it yours here.

4. This dainty necklace that let you say to the world "I LOVE CHEESE" while still looking classy as hell.

PolliniAtelier / Via

You can never have too much cheese. Make it yours here.

5. These magnetic bookmarks to remind you that you should never read on an empty stomach.

TheWoodsAvenue / Via

Or keep tabs on all those recipes you want to cook. Make them yours here.

6. And this beautifully illustrated recipe poster that's a feast for your eyes AND stomach.

EatItPaintIt / Via

BRB, busy cooking pancakes. Make it yours here.

7. This hand-dyed watermelon apron that's almost too pretty to wear.

EatItPaintIt / Via

Brighten up your kitchen attire. Make it yours here.

8. This tea towel that'll speak to every butter lover's soul.

ableandgame / Via

It doesn't get any butter. Make it yours here.

9. These ice cream fridge magnets that are 100% calorie-free.

BurntGingerbreadYum / Via

Unfortunately the same doesn't apply to what's inside the fridge. Make them yours here.

10. These sweet little biscuit earrings because Iced VoVos are the JAM.

ClayandClasp / Via

Not even sorry. Make them yours here.

11. The sweatshirt that lets you have your pizza and eat it too.

YoPrntClothing / Via

Great, now we want pizza. Make it yours here.

12. This card that was made for you to give to your eating buddy (who, like you, should be a millionaire by now).

ableandgame / Via

If only. Make it yours here.

13. This spicy taco collar to keep your dog lookin' hawt!

DizzyDogCollars / Via

14. This pineapple wall hook that'll fill your house with those tropical vibes.

helloknobbly / Via

Feeling fruity? Make it yours here.

15. These hand-drawn bacon and egg hair pins that pay homage to the most important meal of the day.

checkyourpassport / Via

Just eggcellent. Make them yours here.

16. This cheesy crocheted tissue box cozy you didn't know you needed.

emiBroidery / Via

A refillable cheeseburger = the dream. Make it yours here.

17. This personalised wooden spoon you should give to your friend who loves baking.

CreatingMonkies / Via

Along with a *WINK WINK*. Make it theirs here.

18. This handmade fairy bread coin purse you'll want to bite right into.

NotMadeInChinaSewing / Via

It's even cut the right way. Make it yours here.

19. This pickle brooch that'll remind your colleagues how busy and important you are.

whistleburg / Via

Or that you're a bit of dill. Make it yours here.

20. This salty photograph that really is a work of art.

Camerallure / Via

Oh, the beauty of it. Make it yours here.

21. This pizza-covered phone case because pizza.

supplysquare / Via

Satisfy your cravings until dinner. Make it yours here.

22. These mushroom-printed socks that'll brighten up your day.

ChuenShop / Via

And remind you to have a bit of fungi. Make them yours here.

23. These Instagram-worthy photo props that'll take your dinner parties to the next level.

CreativeSenseCo / Via

Finally, something to do with your hands! Make them yours here.

24. And this laser-engraved bamboo cheese board with one very important message.

TheNorthwoodCo / Via

Avoid the disaster. Make it yours here.

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