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27 Things From Etsy That’ll Make You Wonder Why You *Just* Discovered Them

Clay stud earrings to fit your every fall mood, a cute pizza onesie for your friend's new baby, a chic linen wrap top, and more stuff that'll make you say, "I got it on Etsy."

1. A range of fall stud earrings because 'tis the time to sip and eat everything pumpkin-flavored...and rep your gourdgeous taste with these clay creations.

palm holding stud earrings of fall-centric things like pumpkins and ghosts

2. A show-stealing serving platter that'll have guests even more eager to clear the serving dish of your famous cookies.

rectangular shaped serving tray with wavy design on it

3. A modern globe cluster chandelier as the va-va-voom your home has been missing.

globe light chandelier

4. A tea towel with a kick... Just how you like everything that you eat. Hot sauce lovers, unite!

tea towel that has pictures of hot sauce and peppers on it

5. Outta-this-world earrings on a minimalist scale so you can bring a special touch to your WFH outfits of sweats and a shirt you've slept in for the past three nights.

stud earrings in the shape of stars and crescent moons

6. A black tie-dye shirt that'll fit in with your spooky season aesthetic.

long-sleeved shirt with black and gray tie-dye pattern

7. Glam clay earrings that'll take the cake in most any outfit. What a wonderful distraction from that coffee stain on your sweatshirt!

cow print clay earrings with hoop and tassel design

8. A trio of colorful air plant holders to nestle your least finicky houseplants.

three colorful air plant holders

9. A glitzy cluster necklace with an adjustable chain can get it just right.

rose gold chain necklace with cluster of cubic zirconia gems

10. A calligraphy-style return address stamp for a personalized touch to every bit of snail mail you send.

personalized stamp with last name and address on it

11. A hand-dyed silk scrunchie as a gentler way to keep your dirty hair out of your face but, like, make it fashion.

various color scrunchies

12. A canvas apron for all your pottery work you've picked up lately. Ahem, this apron has LEGS. No, but really. Doesn't hurt that it's photogenic either ;).

person wearing the apron jumpsuit at a potter's wheel

13. A handmade pearl and blue glass beaded necklace that'll look so amazing with basically every top you own.

model with minimalist necklace with gold tone chain and white pearls and blue glass beads

14. An armrest table for your favorite spot on the couch that doesn't have enough room to squeeze in an actual side table.

couch with shelf that fits over an armrest

15. A *nice*-looking storage rail with modern loops as a storage option you'll wanna leave out in the open.

kitchen with a rail looped into leather holders with measuring cups, a towel, and a cleaning bottle hanging from it

16. A ~spooky~ tie-knot headband for those days when your hair's dirty...but also the days when your hair's squeaky-clean because it's THAT cute.

model wearing headband

17. A midcentury-style pendant with a twist might just give you a crick in your neck because you keep looking up to admire it.

globe light bulb hanging from twisted gold tone pendant installed flat on the ceiling

18. A floating shelf to create some cute open storage out of a thin area...even in the tiniest of bathrooms.

bathroom with thick wood open shelves on the wall

19. Personalized notecards that'll have your recipients abuzz.

notecard with a bee illustration on it

20. A linen wrap top in a super-versatile silhouette you'll start planning all sorts of ensembles around after you put it on the first time.

model in linen wrap top

21. An antique bronze doorknob could be the finishing touch your home DIY project needs.

hand holding a doorknob

22. A weaving starter pack in case you're on the prowl for a fresh hobby.

the loom with tools and fibers

23. Sheer argyle socks as a stylish (but comfy!) barrier between your bare feet and heels.

model wearing argyle print sheer socks under heeled sandals

24. A farmhouse-style coffee sign you can get customized for your family's own coffee bar, which you visit often.

custom coffee sign with family name on it

25. A baby onesie for the kid who has a pizza your heart.

baby onesie with a pizza slice design on it

26. A metallic tote that'll slither its way into your daily errands, even though you swore to yourself that you didn't need any more tote bags.

tote bag with gold snake pattern on it

27. A house address plaque that'll up your home's curb appeal even more.

address sign mounted on side of house

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