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23 Jewelry Picks From Etsy You’re Sure To Adore

Featuring handmade rings, personalized necklaces, pearl bracelets, and other lovely finds.

If you've been itching for some new pieces to add to your jewelry box, you've come to the right place! Etsy has an overwhelming amount of sparkly and stunning pieces, and we've narrowed down the options for you.

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. A dried lavender flower necklace that's simple and pretty enough to wear as often as you'd like!

a dried lavender encased in glass on a gold chain

2. A super cute customizable ring so you can wear your kiddo's, fur baby's, or S.O.'s name on your hand with pride.

five different names on rings made from different materials

3. A leather Apple Watchband you'll adore — it's stylish, adjustable, and will *actually* fit on your wrist (according to reviewers)!

the rose gold colored apple watch on a light gray band

4. A surprise gemstone ring for anyone who would love to give one of these gorgeous rings a home on their hand.

15 of the gemstone rings, each with a variety of gems, on someone's fingers

5. A tiny letter necklace so you can have a necklace that goes with everything and a cute way to display your initials.

the gold bracelet with letter and heart charms

6. A layered ring made from blackwood, rose gold, opal, and turquoise that's bound to look absolutely stunning on your finger.

the ring made with Blackwood, Rose Gold, Opal, and Turquoise layered on top of each other

7. A hand-stamped coordinates necklace with endless possibilities — choose your coordinates and you'll have a memento of your hometown, the place where you and your S.O. first met, or any other location that's precious to you!

a necklace with coordinates on it and a mountain charm

8. A freshwater pearl bracelet so you can add a statement piece that'll never go out of style to your jewelry collection.

large freshwater pearls on an adjustable bracelet

9. A darling lesbian pride pin to accessorize your shirts, jean jackets, or backpack with, because there's never a bad time to be proud of who you are.

lesbian rainbow, heart, and pride flag themed pins

10. A pair of cute star earring studs made from high-quality gold and ideal for folks with sensitive ears, according to reviewers.

the two small gold star studs

11. A horseshoe ring that just may bring a little luck and plenty of charm to your life!

the silver ring with a horse shoe charm in the center

12. A kid's personalized unicorn necklace your little one will absolutely fawn over because kids deserve personalized accessories too!

the gold necklace with a unicorn and name charm on it

13. A beautiful druzy pendant you'll want to order in every color. Pair it with your favorite chain and you've got a bold statement piece to go with your outfit.

nine different colored druzy pendants

14. A Tri Delta Sorority necklace ideal for new pledges and alumni alike. It's handcrafted and will also look lovely layered with other necklaces!

three silver mountains that are connected and hanging from a sliver chain

15. A queen of hearts ring you'll find yourself admiring every time you wear it! It's dainty, detailed, and gorgeous!

the crown shaped ring with a heart in the center

16. An actual handwriting disc necklace to capture your loved one's handwriting in a meaningful way.

a model wearing the gold disc necklace with handwriting in the center

17. A set of grills with open-faced rhodium cuts on the fangs to take your collection of show-stopping jewelry to the next level.

a gloved hand holding the gold jaw with silver fangs

18. An opal heart necklace as simple as it is stunning. It'll warm your minimalist heart each time you put it on!

a person wearing the pink heart-shaped opal necklace

19. A moonstone moon ring that'll send serious celestial vibes and pair well with the rest of your ring collection!

a person with the rose gold moon ring on their hand

20. A St. Francis pet ID tag so your pup has their name and address on their collar at all times, all while looking stylish and adorable.

a Daushcand wearing a pink rhinestone collar with the pink St. Francis tag on it

21. A round gold hoop earring designed to hug your ear in a way that's both comfortable and chic.

22. A dreamy crushed opal ring featuring a raw stone in the middle to add some sparkle, shine, and luster to your aesthetic.

the ring with a white opal in the center and a v made of crushed opal going over the stone

23. And a Swarovski crystal birthstone charm here just in time for Leo season 🦁. It's also a cute little way to celebrate your birthday and yourself all year long, regardless of your sign!

12 small birthstone charms in a pile

Hope these Etsy finds helped you revamp your collection!

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.