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20 Darling Pieces Of Jewelry From Etsy To Add To Your Ever-Growing Collection

Dazzling earrings, necklaces, and rings you won't be able to say no to.

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Bored of all of your baubles? Understandable! You likely look at them on your arms/fingers/neck all day, every day! So, why not switch things up? Etsy has *tons* of lovely options to choose from. Luckily for you, we're here to help narrow those options down for you.

Here are some of our faves:

1. A surprise gemstone ring, perfect for anyone who is indecisive but still looking for something pretty to add to their everyday accessories.

a bunch of different rings with multiple gem stones across them

2. An understated Apple Watch band that'll be a lovely upgrade to the one your dog has likely chewed on just a *few* too many times.

a light gray leather watch band with rose gold accents

3. A dainty customized ring you can use to show off the name of your kiddos, partner, favorite celebrity, or whatever else your heart desires!

a stack of rings with different names on them

4. Minimalist stud earrings that'll leave you starry-eyed each time you catch a glimpse of yourself wearing them in the reflection of a store window.

5. A pendant necklace complete with customizable disc-shaped charms. You can add various symbols or initials to each charm. So cute and great for layering with pieces you already have!

necklaces in gold, rose gold, and silver

6. A set of three ear crawlers you'll absolutely love because you'll be able to get the look of someone who has multiple piercings without actually having to go out and get 'em. You're welcome.

a gold ear crawler and two cuffs on the top of a model's ear

7. A coffin-shaped ring you can count on to leave you showered in compliments — I mean, just look at it! It's absolutely fabulous!

a coffin-shaped turquoise ring

8. A fingerprint necklace that'll help you pay tribute to someone special in your life by keeping them close to you at all times.

9. A moonstone ring that's simply *out of this world* and will look like a celestial beauty while sitting atop your finger.

10. Beaded hoop earrings you'll likely want to buy two of because your roommate is most certainly going to try and nab them from you — they're *that* lovely.

a model wearing thin hoop earrings with bead strung along them

11. A duo of "you're my person" rings to gift to, well, your person! Doesn't matter who it is: your mom, your S.O., your sibling, your work wife, whoever... This sweet sentiment in the form of a simple piece of jewelry will be greatly appreciated.

two silver rings that say "you're my person" on them and a heart

12. Dainty opal stud earrings you'll be able to match to truly any outfit you own — and they'll add *just* the right amount of sparkle to your look.

opal studs with two clear gems beneath them

13. A spooktacular ring that seemingly has spiders *creepy-crawling* around it — a must-have for anyone who truly believes the spirit of Halloween should be appreciated year-round.

a model with Halloween nails on, wearing the silver ring with spiders on it

14. A lovely necklace that'll make the perfect gift for your friend who just had a baby. You can customize it with the flower from the month they were born and the baby's name. So cute.

three necklaces with circular charms on them with flowers and a name etched into them

15. A gold box link chain for anyone who is looking for something simple they can layer with pieces they already have or anyone who already has a charm they'd like to add to a necklace themselves.

the gold box link chain and clasp

16. Turquoise drop earrings you can count on to add a much-needed pop of color to your typically all-black ensembles. Come on. It'll be fuuuuuun to show off some color, just this once.

17. A delicate initial bracelet that'll look cute on you regardless of what your typical style is like. Seriously, whether you gravitate toward pastels, florals, or gingham, this piece will complement them all nicely.

a thin silver bracelet with an M and an N and a heart-shaped charm on it

18. An Old English name necklace for anyone who wants to hop on the nameplate trend but still stay true to their *~vibe~*.

a gold necklace with the name "Luna" in Old English font

19. A beaded necklace featuring crystals that coordinate with the month you were born, so you can celebrate your birthday *every* month instead of just one day out of the entire year.

20. And a timeless gold signet ring customized with any image you'd like — from a family crest or your personal monogram to your favorite flower or a reminder of your pet... The options are limitless!

a gold ring with a family crest on it

If you've now got the itch to revamp your entire jewelry collection, head over to Etsy and check out even more pieces!

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