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10 Dream Wish Lists For Every Personality Type

We all have one: a wish list of items we’re just waiting to buy when we have a little spending money or are looking to treat ourselves. And whatever’s on your wish list — no matter your personality or budget — you can find it on Etsy.

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1. For the bookworm who has the best recs and is working on their debut novel:

2. For the lady whose home and wardrobe look like something out of a lifestyle blog:

3. For the weekend chef and weekday foodie who hashtags every pic with #eeeeats:

4. For the urban gardener who is obsessed with farmers markets and dreams of moving to the country:

5. For the totally Zen girl who is planning a meditation retreat in Bali:

6. For that free spirit who’s always ‘gramming travel photos:

7. For the wine expert who can actually explain the difference between a cab and a merlot:

8. For the dude who is better dressed on his worst day than you’ll ever be on your best:

9. For that #FitFam member who posts gym selfies before most people are awake:

10. For that overworked and undercaffeinated college student:

All images Lauren Zaser / © BuzzFeed