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Selena Gomez’s Hair Is The Stunning Shortest Now

One of the aspects that define Selena Gomez is her stunning beauty and youthful look. Her hairstyles are always a source of attraction, unique, new and a perfect match for the day. The love for short hairstyles is undoubted for Selena, maybe it is because it allows her to get some pink hair at one time then suddenly change it to purple. Recently, on the onset of 2017, she cut her lob to even shorter length, giving her a new and girlish look that she has always wanted to maintain. She had medium-size lobs by the end of 2016 and we thought that is the shortest lobs could get.

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Salena Gomez's Short Haircut


This is not the first time Gomez has broken the venture for long hair adopted by most celebrities of her caliber. In fact, women who have thick hair have adopted most of the styles. Here are some of the short hairstyles that gave her a unique and remarkable look:

1. Salena Gomez's Bob Cut


Most hair salons offered long bob styles until Selena adopted a new version of cut bobs. This bob looks thick enough and goes slightly above the shoulder length. For teens who want a style that is easy to maintain and look classy and trendy, then this style is the best option. She has been spotted with both the Ombre and side bang varieties of bob cuts.

2. Salena's Messy Curls

Salena Gomez

At one time, Selena Gomez was spotted in a cut messy curl style. This style made her look chubby and elegant, since they covered the entire head. The cut curls also enabled a clear view of her spotless and bubbling face, with some curls going up the left eyes to give a sexy look that matches with her attractive smile.

3. The Updo Celebrity


If you think Updo hairstyles are old-fashioned, then see Selena’s Puffed and side curl version of this style. This neat style brought out her innocent face and the formal side of this iconic celebrity. For the curl Updo style, the blonde hair color exaggerated the golden aspects that she enjoys. The French twist with a low bun is also part of her galleries in this category.

4. Wavy Styles


Selena, has in a number of times, proved that you can have short waves. This includes the shoulder-length edgy waves and the large wave’s styles that are cut above the shoulders. The look again was stylish and neat compared to the long waves.

Others in her gallery include the shoulder-length cut tresses like the one her salonist thinned the ends of the tresses to give a classy look.

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