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Five Short Tips For Generation Z To Study Better

Generation Z learners are 100% digital and social media savvy people. They know all the routes and ways how to find data with a single search inquiry. Their approach to education differs from all previous generations. Mostly it stems from those features shaped by the fast-evolving digital period of 1990-2010. A) 43% of Z generation learners give their preferences to online education. B) They consider classroom learning with its lecture-test format less efficient and outdated. C) Customization of learning is what Z-gen students expect from today’s education process. D) Fast data delivery, like getting a quick answer on Q&A websites, makes Gen Z reluctant to solve time-consuming problems. E) Another significant drawback is that they unwillingly allocate time to check the credibility of resources. F) Z-gen students are also blamed of short-attention spans. However, it can be explained with their ability to filter any information in only eight seconds. This generation has an access to tons of online information but twice less time to process it. Therefore, many learners try to find the best algorithm to achieve success within the limited time and resources. This article aims at delivering surefire tips how to study better considering all the nuances of Gen Z features.

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Make your own list of valuable study tools / Via

I know GenZers who can name ten or even more apps they use to make their shopping, manage time and schedules.

Yet, a few of them use valuable tools for studying. That is why I strongly recommend for any student Quiz-let tool to enhance memorizing of various terms and their definitions.

You’ve certainly heard about Coursera. It is perfect to upgrade your skills on a particular topic and demonstrate better overall performance.

Another Skype-oriented tool,, can give you an access to any high-qualified tutor on your subject. It offers services to learn a foreign language by Skype or improve your weak subjects.

Use all three methods of learning in interaction

A recent Barnes&Noble College research on generation Z studying preferences reports that more than a half of students expect their learning become more fun and bring hands-on experience.

In the chart below, you can see the usual GenZers’ methods of learning. Apparently, classroom lectures’ listening is the weakest side of Z-learners. This new generation strives for active learning and sometimes forgets that passive activities add up diversity to their studying process.

Thus, you should combine all methods of learning and stay patient with those that do not include game elements.

Don’t show your tech advantage over professors / Via

Many Z-gen students consider themselves digitally superior to their tutors. Some of the learners just compare college professors to their parents who belong to older X generation.

Thus, if you are a GenZer and want to receive a competitive degree, don’t ever teach your educators how to better give you lessons. It will only annoy them. Stay wise and try to avoid those useless conflicts that can only harm your academic performance.

Don’t make social media stand on your way

Older generations call GenZers “screen addicts”. The whole communication of this generation goes through social media networks and chat messengers. They spend too much time online allocating it more to entertainment than studying.

For Z-learners, it becomes a huge issue since they can’t focus well having so many distractions around. That is why it’s important for students to disengage themselves from social media levity and develop a systematic approach to studying. There are a few apps GenZers can use to improve their focus on current college tasks.

Funny but today we need apps that can block other apps, social media, and websites on all our devices. Freedom is one of such apps. It is designed to increase the focus of students and office workers. I also recommend as a task manager that can help Gen Z students tackle due dates of any assignments.

Final thoughts

What irritates me as a blogger is that even our generation of millennials accuses GenZers of their online dependence and entrepreneurship. We forget that our digital era raises children of new outlook and cravings.

That’s why self-reliant and independent GenZers need a bit of our help and experience to achieve their goals easier. The rest they can google themselves.

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