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    Foursquare's Most Embarrassing Mayors

    Many people keep things to themselves; others find themselves victims of oversharing. This post is about that second group. At least they got badges!

    1. The Hairless Mayor

    You might consider laser hair removal as a more permanant option.

    2. Mayor of the Dead

    Mr. G-Spot soon found that all funeral home mayorships are short-lived.

    3. Mayor of the MegapleXXX

    "I find that studying these videos really allow me to get more in touch with myself."

    4. A Gentleman and a Mayor.

    "What? NO! We smoke cigars here. And drink scotch. You know, gentleman-like stuff. Top hats and the lot."

    5. The Hustlin' Mayor.


    6. Mayor Barbie

    "These old bags? They're actually the only real things I have left..."

    7. MayorPants

    Well played, Jim. Well played.

    8. Mommy Mayor

    You know. Just making some plans. About parenthood.

    9. Mayor So Happy!

    How is ling ling doing anyway? She's was always a sweetheart. A real darling.

    10. We are Mayor.

    Samuel has been the mayor all along...

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