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    8 Reasons K-Pop Fans Are The Most Passionate Of All Fans

    You think Beliebers and Directioners are passionate? Have you met a Shawol? A B2uty? Or a VIP?

    1. The Fanchants!

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    Here are just some.

    2. The Colors!

    3. Concert Rice Donations

    4. Your Idol is in a drama? Feed the whole staff!

    5. Wanna blog about Kpop? Mobbed by fans.

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    Simon and Martina Stawski from, who blog about K-pop and all things Korea, were mobbed by K-pop fans at KCON 2012 as if they were the K-pop idols. Here's their video of what happened.... skip to 3:11 to really see the crowds and 8:46 to hear the fans greet them at their panel. *LOWER YOUR VOLUME*

    6. K-pop fans reacting to K-pop music videos is probably THE best thing you've ever seen.

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    7. This tattoo doesn't make sense? It does to a K-pop fan.

    8. And no matter what anyone says, they will never stop supporting their idols.

    High five K-pop fans. HIGH FIVE.

    *Bonus Points* If you go to KCON 2013 in LA to check out these fans for yourself.

    Seriously. Bonus points. KCON...go. Do it.

    *Double Bonus Points* If you join the craze.