The Many Stages Of Living Alone, As Told By “Anchorman”

Living alone is an incredible feeling of responsibility and freedom. It’s great. But very quickly, it starts to get… weird.

1. Move in day is amazing. You’re an adult. You take care of yourself!

2. And in your joy, you completely ignore the early signs. Why did you pack so many useless items?

3. And where are all your normal size forks?

4. Because it doesn’t REALLY matter, you say. You’re independent. Celebrate!

5. But the small changes begin immediately. All of a sudden, there’s no one to check on your outfits in the morning. That’s all on you.

6. And without people there, you get really close with your pet.

7. And really close with your stuff.

8. And really close with yourself.

9. Really really close.

We can’t stress this enough. You will stop wearing clothes in your apartment.

10. There are no boundaries. You ALWAYS leave the bathroom door open.

11. And with that shred of privacy gone, pretty soon you don’t even know yourself.

12. You don’t even remember how to deal with a closed door anymore.

13. “But of course you could handle doors! That’s ridiculous!” you say, even as your eating habits get downright strange.

14. And your TV watching gets downright stranger.

15. On weekends, you sometimes go long into the day before you utter a word out loud.

16. It’s kind of shocking. Before you know it, it’s all just happened.

17. Bored late at night, you find weird things to, um, focus on.

18. But your friends don’t know any of this. So they assume they can crash with you indefinitely.

19. But you have long ago forgot how to have people over.

20. And by this time, it’s too late to turn back.

21. And if you find yourself saying “this wouldn’t happen to me.”

22. Trust us. This is how it goes.

23. Well, science-ish…

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