Beyonce’s Handwritten Notes Will Make You Love Her Even More (Yes, That’s Possible)

Who has time to write handwritten notes nowadays? Answer: Beyonce. From the Obamas to her fans, the incredibly busy singer still takes times to reach out to the people that matter.

1. Just take a look at this loving note Beyonce wrote to her mom:

2. And this even more excited note she wrote to the rest of Destiny’s Child after their Super Bowl performance:

3. But it’s not just big moments like Mother’s Day or the Super Bowl. She reached out to Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams when she starred in Fela:

4. And Serena Williams when she won the French Open:

5. And it’s not like she only does it on occasions. Beyonce wrote to President Obama to offer her respect and adoration:

6. And to Michelle Obama to offer far more than that:

7. Don’t believe she’s sincere? Just watch her read her letter to Michelle Obama! She can barely get through it:

8. And it’s not just words without taking a stand. She wrote the perfectly Beyonce-est note in support of marriage equality:

“Okay, but it’s easy to write to big celebrities like sports stars, pop stars, or the Obamas. It’s good PR” you might be thinking. But then how do you explain these heartfelt words to…

9. Singer-songwriter Sade:

It’s okay if you don’t know who she is.

10. R&B Singer Luke James:

And you may not know who he is either.

11. And the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat:

And you almost definitely don’t know who he was.

12. All that would be enough to impress. But it’s not just artists who inspire her. She thanked the OMG Girlz for coming up with her Instagram name:

13. And she wrote this note to Cameron J for COVERING HER OWN SONG:

Some people get UPSET about that. But not Beyonce. She told Cameron J he was amazing for this rendition.

But she doesn’t just write to other celebrities. Beyonce spends most of her efforts writing to her fans - “The Bey-hive”

14. She lets them know she’s online:

15. And thanks them for filling her with joy:

16. She sends them profound wishes for a happy new year:

17. And a happy Thanksgiving

18. And it’s not all good things. Beyonce also apologizes when she disappoints her fans:

She canceled on her doctor’s advice due to dehydration and exhaustion.

19. Maybe most absurdly, she even writes incredibly thoughtful and sweet notes to people who hurt her:

20. And what’s great about being as thoughtful as Beyonce is, when it comes time for people to think of you, you get A LOT of letters that look like this:

21. Ultimately, the message of all of her notes could be probably summed up simply:

We love you too, Bey.

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