9 Posts That Will Make You Rethink Pinterest

It’s not all bad- but mostly yes it is.

1. Murder Your Children’s Stuffed Animals

Nothing says “welcome home” like mom sawing the head off of your favorite stuffed animal and hanging it on your wall. RIP Bill the Zebra

Where does the rest of it go…. is it on the other side of the wall?

2. Purple Crochet Shoes

And these would be worn where and with what?

3. Can’t Afford A Real Tattoo? YOU ARE IN LUCK

Well you’re in luck because you can make these and wear them to work. What dress won’t look fab with these heinous hand-made god-awful tights?

4. Angels For The Yard

Yes these look nice here, but how will they look spread across your yard, I’m pretty sure that it’s called a GRAVEYARD.

Maybe save this craft for Halloween…

5. Flower Sunglasses

If these can’t hypnotize anyone, I want no part in this.

I think she forgot to put jewels on the bottom of the left glass…

6. The Jean Vest You Have Always Wanted

Look! It even has a bow on the back!

7. Too Lazy To Grab A Dishtowel While Washing The Dishes?

Now you can spend hours making this “towel-skirt” so that you can wipe your filthy hands on yourself.

Congratulations Earth

8. Toilet Paper Heart

Your guests will be so impressed that you go through toilet paper so fast. They might be a little suspicious of your cooking though…

9. Sister Shirts

This is tagged under “Shirts for Sisters”

Imagine your surprise opening a present and realizing you and your sister will be twins!

I wish I had a sister so we could match too!

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