13 Men Remaining On Bachelorette

Desiree should refer to this list when deciding who receives the rose.

1. Bryden Vukasin

Pros: Hot, Ripped Bod, Great Jaw, Veteran, 6’1, lives in Montana (Mountain Man)

Cons: Shy, May have left a girl at home…

Or so the internet says- BUT I love him!

2. Chris Siegfried

Pros: Cute, 6’4, Played Minor League Baseball, Lives in Seattle

Cons: Model (*cough* Courtney *cough*)

3. Mike Garofola

Pros: Look at those arms! He is the Assistant U.S. Attorney (WUT), Graduated from Notre Dame magna cum laude (brainz)

Cons: 33, High-pitched voice, Seems to enjoy drama

4. Juan Pablo Galavis

Pros: Hawt, Played Pro Soccer, Accent, Has a Wikipedia page

Cons: How much english can he speak? Difficult name to pronounce, Child (baby mamma), 31

5. Drew Kenney

Pros: See above, fluent in Italian, 6’2

Cons: High-pitched voice, Model (I am suspicious of these folk)

6. Ben Scott

Pro: Hawt, Adorable child

Cons: Bartender, Baby momma, Suspicious character

That black tank top was a red flag! Seriously where did he buy that?

7. Kasey Stewart

Pros: 6’4, Was in the NBA Draft, Favorite breakfast is waffles (my kind of man!)

Cons: Says the word “Hashtag”, Seems extremely religious (favorite book is the bible), Married before

8. Brooks Forester

Pros: Lives in Utah (Another Mountain Man), 6’2, Good Looking (Almost too good looking)

Cons: High-pitched voice, Lives in Utah (possible Mormon? He has NINE siblings), Sales Rep? (What is that)

9. James Case

Pros: Lives in Chicago (who doesn’t love Chicago), 6’2, Seems like wants to protect Des (CUTE)

Cons: Hideous Tattoos

10. Mikey Tenerelli

Pros: 6’0, Would make a good Boyfriend, Lives in Chicago

Cons: Mikey, Plumber, bad tattoos, ENDS SENTENCES IN PREPOSITIONS

11. Zak Waddell

Pros: 6’0 (Des must love tall men), Has a Masters of Humanities in Politics and Philosophy from University of Dallas, He gave Des that really cute Journal (aww)

Cons: No “C” in Zak, 31, Lives in the middle of no-where Texas, Overly plucked eyebrows, Orange skin color

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