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5 Alternitive Nonelectronic Ideas For Plane Travel

Beat that electronics ban hump with these ideas!

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1. Cards

Esther-Irene Egan

Cards are an easy way to stay entertained for hours! Plus, if you're traveling alone maybe that unknown person beside you won't be a stranger anymore. If they don't want to remove their headphones then you can entertain yourself with single player card games. Rather you're alone or with someone there are multiple games to enjoy!

Click here for single player.

Click here for double player games.

2. Checkers or Chess

Stacey Vaughn / Via

You might not be able to watch DVDs on your laptops in cabin (due to the electronics ban) but you can uses cases to create an upcycled gameboard. Also, DVD cases won't occupy as much space or weight in your onboard luggage as laptops would.

Click here to create chess.

Click here to create checkers.

4. Guess Who

Almost Makes Perfect / Via

Almost Makes Perfect crafted a lovely tutorial for a personalized Guess Who game. Looks more stable than the plastic version, which will hold up during pesky turbulence. Would be funtastic for kids to play if you're worried about entertaining them without electronics.

Click here to create.

Give your eyes a break from your screens, ban or no ban, and enjoy spending time with those you know, or meet a new friend. :)

Hope you have a safe and fun plane ride!

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