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Watch These Dancers #WERK To Rihanna's #BBHMM

Tricia Miranda at it again.

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Most of you probably remember this viral video of a kickass "Ananconda" dance routine choreographed by the highly talented Tricia Miranda that went viral last year, as featured in this buzzfeed post.

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Tricia uploaded another video of 8-year-old Aidan Prince killing a sick choreography to Major Lazer's "Jet Blue jet"

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That was also featured in a buzzfeed post last year and went viral!

I mean, come on. He's 8 years old and he can already work the club like nobody's business. All I can do is wave my hands side to side like the turnip god from Spirited Away.

Until finally Tricia released a kickass video of numerous dancers killing her choreography to Rihanna's "B*tch Better Have My Money"

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featuring dancers: Jade Chynoweth, Richard Curtis, China Taylor, Kaycee Rice, Charlize Glass, Guapo Clarke, Darrion Gallegos, Allison Buczkowski, Kiara Gudgeon, and is filmed & edited by Tim Milgram.

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