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Essie Just Released A Line Of Quick-Dry Polish And The Colors Are Gorgeous

The line is aptly named expressie.

Good news, mani-heads! Just in time for the holidays, beloved nail polish brand essie has released a new line of quick-dry polish.

And when we say quick, we mean quick.

The polish dries in about a minute. A MINUTE!

Do you know how little time that is? Sixty seconds! Sixty seconds until you can get back to the following things:

- digging for your keys

- wrapping a gift

- tying a bow

- buying another bubble tea

- reaching for your metal straw (because you care)

The new launch also signals the release of essie's first-ever angled brush.

So you can easily give yourself a manicure...

The instructions actually read kinda like a mantra:

In true essie fashion, the names are as clever as ever.

First of all, the line itself is called — *chef's kiss* — expressie.

Iconic wordplay.

There's ~in a flash sale~, a slightly charred orange-red...

...and air dry, a classic slate blue gray.

saffr-on the move is a gorgeous mustard-meets-ochre that sits effortlessly in the raw sienna family.

And never one to shy away from being self-aware, essie named this darker red, seize the minute.

There's also crop top & roll, a pink that, online, appears to skew baby, but in person, begs more of an elegant beige.

Finally, there's precious cargo-go!

With 40 brand new shades in the lineup, there's sure to be a hue for you.

Get the quick-dry polish from essie starting at $8.99 a bottle.

Images courtesy of essie unless otherwise noted