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What The Language You Took In High School Says About You

"No matter how many books you've read about French just can't quit that pumpkin spice latte"

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You definitely played a sport or two in high school, maybe even in college. You take great pleasure in ordering breakfast burritos with an authentic accent, much to the chagrin of your dining companions. You're from California, or wish you were.


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Your mom was on the PTA and even more involved in school extracurriculars than you were. At some point in your life, you've had a photo of Audrey Hepburn on your bedroom wall. No matter how many books you've read about French living (and you've read a lot), you just can't quit that pumpkin spice latte.


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Always trying to get ahead, you're an overachiever who chose Latin because the teacher promised it would help you ace the SAT. Your memories of the class mostly revolve around all the sexually-explicit materials you got away with reading (Catullus, anyone?) and watching (HBO's Rome) in the name of scholastic achievement. You can't actually speak another language, but you can scan poetry.

Ancient Greek

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You're even nerdier than the Latin kids, taking an obscure and useless language for the sake of it rather than for the furthering of your academic ambitions. Your favorite authors all publish under their initials (e.g. J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, and George R.R. Martin).


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Your parents made you do it, and when anyone asks, you repeat their reasoning: "Soon enough, EVERYONE will be speaking Chinese, so might as well be prepared." Good news, though, if you stick with it through college you have a high chance of getting a job in finance (being a sucker for punishment is one of the things they look for in recruits).


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You picked your language based on food, but you are not an adventurous eater. You wear t-shirts with sayings on them like, "The Diet Starts Tomorrow." You of course study abroad in Florence and are quite pleased to find it's like the Boston of Italy, overrun by your fellow American college students with whom you can speak English rather than Italian.

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