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    17 Celebs Who Prove Long Hair Isn't The Only Way

    When you're too sexy for your hair.

    Long hair is cool and everything, but, like, some people are so gorgeous all we want to do is stare at their faces.

    1. Amber Rose

    Nobody does short like The Muva!

    2. Halle Berry

    3. Demi Lovato

    4. Kelly Rowland

    That moment you realize heaven didn't bless you with her looks because you'd prob. shave your head and just take selfies all day.

    5. Rihanna

    6. Jada Pinkett Smith

    Stop what you're doing and get into these eyes.

    7. Viola Davis

    The face you make when you get a fresh cut and you know you're 'bout to shut it down.

    8. Miley Cyrus

    9. Chrisette Michele

    All we want is to come back in the next life with this fly natural. (Preferably with our lashes already glued on.)

    10. Victoria Beckham


    11. Rosario Dawson

    12. Monica

    13. Nia Long

    Nia short > Nia Long.

    14. Jennifer Hudson

    15. Alicia Keys

    16. Fantasia

    We live for two things: Fantasia when she kicks off her shoes onstage, and Fantasia with short hair.

    17. Toni Braxton

    QUEEN 🙌