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    Here's What 33 Celebs Looked Like Before They Got Super Famous

    They're just like you.

    1. This throwback of Kourtney Kardashian is literally all of us the first time we dyed our own hair.

    2. We all have an eighth-grade friend who looked exactly like Blake Lively does in this photo.

    3. Same goes for Jennifer Lawrence.

    4. Mariah Carey was not one to hold back on hairspray.

    5. Nick Cannon was apparently shocked that he won best dressed.

    6. Kylie Jenner's selfie game has always been on fleek.

    7. Her big brother Rob almost upstaged her with the platinum blonde 'do tho.

    8. Here's Rihanna and her homie before she'd wow Jay Z and become one of the biggest icons of our generation.

    9. We imagine Lebron James being the star athlete with a sensitive side who also helped elderly people cross the street.

    10. It's hard to remember Beyoncé not being a star, but here's a rare adorable moment before she made the Forbes list.

    11. And here she is again with her baby sis, Solange, who just dropped the No. 1 album on Billboard.

    12. 2 Chainz before the locs and chains.

    13. Just a 9-year-old Serena Williams prepping to be the greatest athlete in the world.

    14. And Venus sometime before all the Grand Slam titles.

    15. The only Afro better than Bruno Mars' in 12th grade is Baby MJ's. ICONIC!

    16. Rashida Jones literally looks the exact same.

    17. Gonna go out on a limb here and say Clay Aiken was hall monitor at least once.

    18. Tracee Ellis Ross in oversized glasses and multiple sweaters — our entire childhood in one pic.

    19. Little Yara Shahidi was so stinking cute we seriously can't even take it.

    20. Nicki Minaj posing as if she knew she'd one day outshine every male emcee with her "Monster" verse.

    21. Meryl Streep looked absolutely STUNNING in her senior pic.

    22. The baby version of T.I., King of the South, with a mouthful of bling. So fitting.

    23. Tbh, we'd wear Adam Sandler's Mickey tee today.

    24. So basically Ava DuVernay has always been a queen.

    25. This pic of Cameron Diaz is what we were aiming for every high school yearbook photo.

    26. Shouts out to whoever had Derek Jeter's hair this laid.

    27. Gigi Hadid looked like a lovely girl who worked at Abercrombie and babysat for the neighborhood.

    28. Of course Halle Berry was perfect and didn't have an awkward teen phase. Of course.

    29. Jamie Foxx's Jheri curl was SHINIIIIIING!

    30. Ryan Seacrest before the lights, camera, and fame of American Idol.

    31. Michael Douglas looked like a picture frame model.

    32. Odell Beckham Jr. predicting what we'd all come to witness in the future.

    33. And Will Ferrell totally being Will Ferrell.

    Moral of the story: You're beautiful and awesome, and celebs are just like you!