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What's The Best Makeup And Skin Care For People With Sensitive Skin?

Skin care, makeup, we wanna know it all!

Sensitive skin is kinda the worst.

For one, being THAT person who's allergic to literally everything has never been cool.

But most annoying is the high-stress beauty shopping because one wrong purchase and, well, you know.

Tfw your face has an allergic reaction to Lord knows what, swells up and feels like it's on fire.…

Finding the perfect combo of skin care and makeup is literally science, and it takes years to get it right.

But we know it's possible 'cause unicorns like this Insta beauty have found solutions for their sensitive skin.

@omiesposhlife / Via

"So fresh and clean after my Full Moon face wash. I love the foamy bubbles it creates and that it leaves my skin balanced and clean without being harsh for my somewhat sensitive skin." —@omiesposhlife

And there are clearly some amazing hypoallergenic makeup brands, like Cache Gold, out there with crazy-good pigment.

@cachegold / Via

"💎Look forward to the 'Dazzle Dust' which releases online June 19❗️ ... #HIGHLIGHTPOPPIN #halographicglitter #hypoallergenicmakeup..." —@cachegold

So tell us in the comments below: What are the best skin care or makeup products you've found for your sensitive skin? Let us know the product brand and name, and give us a little info on your skin, too!

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